Acorn Signs fully collected

Acorn Signs are the game-wide collection players are tasked with completing in The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree and its accompanying bonus game, A Fable of Two Hearts. There are 31 symbols hidden throughout the main game, with one found in each and every location of the game. The remaining 8 are found in the bonus game. Finding all 39 symbols will earn the player an Achievement entitled "Sign Collector".

Underneath the Map Button in the game's interface, there is a small acorn button. Hovering over this button will tell you how many of the symbols you have found thus far. This button is silver whenever you're in a location where an acorn can still be found. Once the symbol has been located, the button will turn gold. This mechanism can be used to help the player find any acorn symbols they may have missed before completing the game.

If the game and bonus game are completed without the player having found all of the acorn symbols, the "Collectibles" option on the Bonus Content menu allows the player to return to any locations from the game in order to pick up the symbol they missed, incase the item is either too small, was forgotten or missed.

Images of the Symbols Edit

These images are only of the symbols themselves. The captions denote what location the symbol is found in (names are according to the game's map of the Swan Kingdom). These images are presented in the order that the locations become accessible to the player.