Amely is a minor character first seen in Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat. She is also the protagonist in the bonus game, Cursery: Humpty Dumpty

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Amely is a beautiful young woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wears her hair pulled up with an attractive headband. Her style of dress is simple, yet stylish for the time.

Amely is deeply in love with her fiance, Laurent, and is lost without him when he dies trying to rescue her from the Crooked Man. She gives her all to raising their child, Prewitt, making him the center of her world. When her son is in danger, Amely faces her fears and does whatever is necessary to save him, no matter what.


Amely was engaged to a man named Laurent and the two were to be married. However, she was kidnapped by the Crooked Man, who was searching for the reincarnation of his lost love, Cheryl. Amely became stuck on a tree branch while trying to escape from the Crooked Man. Fortunately, the Unnamed Protagonist happened upon her and rescued her. He gave Amely Laurent's pocket watch, but was unable to tell her the true fate of her beloved. She raced off to look for him and presumably found only his remains.

However, Amely was already pregnant with Laurent's child. She gave birth to a son and named him Prewitt. She raised him on her own, remaining in the same area that she and Laurent had lived, near what used to be Silvery Coral Village.

When her son was ten years old, Prewitt went exploring near the old Chateau de Morellus and never returned home. Fearful that something had happened to him, Amely set out to find him. Her search brought her back to the Chateau itself, where she encountered Humpty Dumpty, another individual corrupted by Mother Goose's curses. Using her smarts, Amely managed to rescue her son, and put an end to Humpty Dumpty's reign of terror in the area once and for all.


  • "I was trying to escape from the Crooked Man, but I somehow ended up in that tree."
  • "Have you seen Laurent, my fiance? I know he must be on his way to rescue me."
  • "Oh, Laurent, where are you?"