Arne is a character that plays a minor role in the thirteenth Dark Parables bonus game, Out of the Shadows.

He is a fake healer with unknown intentions for helping Guida become a human again, so she can take over the Shadow World.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Arne is a man with shoulder-length dark hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. He wears a red shirt that is slightly opened in the front with a hood attached that is green on the inside. The sleeves reached to his arms and from there, he has leather-like, probably detached gloves around his forearms, from the wrist to the elbows. On his waist is a brown belt which holds bags on other items.

Not much is known about Arne, but he can be very manipulative, tricking the real healer to go into the forest where he later died. However, for some unknown reasons, he wanted to help Guida.

History Edit

Not much is known about Arne, but he had tricked a healer to go into a dangerous forest. Once the healer was dead, Arne took his place as an imposter.

Eventually, he met with Guida and wanted to help restore her to human form. Together, they tricked the Duke and Duchess to stay at his place before rendering the Duke to a weakened state and capturing his wife. Eventually, he met with the Detective and gave her false information.

After he disappeared, he went to the cave where the Duchess was hold captive as he attempts to restore Guida to human form. However, his plans for thwarted by the Detective and Guida was forced to flee. It is unknown what had happened to him.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Shapeshifting: It is possible that Arne is a shape-shifter since the game hints it.

Relationships Edit

Gallery Edit

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