The Artifact is a mysterious device found and used throughout the tenth Dark Parables game, Goldilocks and the Fallen Star. It is not based on any particular fairy tale object, and is not expected to serve any purpose beyond this game.

Appearance and Mechanics Edit

The artifact is a cube covered in gold designs. There are figural bears on the corners of the device, and some components of the designs are missing when the artifact is first found. When these components are found and returned to the device, they unlock hidden compartments within the artifact that contain small items. The cube is also used as a key of sorts to unlock the Olesian half of the Fallen Star. Appearance-wise, the artifact bears a striking resemblance to the puzzle cube at the heart of the Bolide Shard.

History Edit

The artifact was originally created by Ewan to hide part of the fallen star from Queen Valla. A Barsian Youth was playing out in the snow when he found the artifact. When he examined the box, he was attacked by Silver Stags, but was saved by Princess Leda. The artifact was then sent to the Fairytale Detective, who took it with her for her case in Barsia.

Gallery Edit

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