The Blazing Mountain is one of the locations visited in the Dark Parables bonus game, The Oriental Cinderella. It is a sacred mountain marked by a steady flow of flaming lava. At the apex of the mountain is the Blazing Temple, a temple devoted to the region's Fire God.

History Edit

Little is known of the Blazing Mountain, but it is said that many adventurers have lost their lives attempting to climb it. The legendary Magical Fan is capable of putting out the fires on the mountain, in order to allow passage to the temple at the top. It can be assumed that the flames will eventually return.

The Blazing Temple at the top of the mountain is a sacred place devoted to the Fire God. An altar to him is here, along with a painting depicting a Cinderella and her Godmother. There is also an altar in the temple where the legendary Flaming Sword can be created.

The altar in the Blazing Temple was used to capture and nearly kill Princess Shan a Cinderella in her cursed nine-tailed fox form. This altar was destroyed in the efforts to rescue her. The workstation altar was also used to make the Flaming Sword. It can be assumed that another could be forged here, since the pieces were not destroyed.

Notable Residents Edit

  • Amelia (resided at the entrance to the mountain)

Gallery Edit

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