• The Sapphire Panda

    Hello, everyone!

    This will be a short but hopefully sweet blog about the kindness you've given me over the years, because, if you couldn't tell by the title alone, it's my birthday today!

    You guys have been so kind to each other this past year, and it's very rewarding to see kind people forming around a series of games I though I was alone in liking when I was younger. So, my heart goes to all of you for being here and making the wiki a great place :)

    I'm afraid I have nothing else to say, but thanks to all for the fun we've had and will have here!


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  • TFCBelloni140

    As you all know, I stumbled into Valentina (SwordLily621)'s message wall and I found this thread very heartbreaking:

    So, I'm going to post this blog for you all to know.

    SwordLily621, whatever problem it is, you can tell me. I'm going to answer all of your questions :)

    Everyone, If you have any problems relating with yourself, your friends, or anyone in this wiki, feel free to ask me for questions. I will try to answer all of them :)

    Do you guys know why I'm doing this? My whole experience was somewhat related to your experiences, so the problems you faced may be similar to mine. I'm trying to be concerned, you know?

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  • TFCBelloni140


    As you all may know, I'm using Mobirise4 for the layouting of the J&K Book Series Official Website.

    What do you think of my layouts? Lemme know in the comments!

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I'm starting to restore my ideas, since so many feeds are contained...


    More on my Facebook account: Joshua Lebran | Facebook

    I'm also working on the Official J&K Book Series Official Website, which will be released on June 07th, 2021.


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  • TFCBelloni140

    I'm going to take the courage to be available in a year!

    Next stop: 100-day attendance achievement!!!

    I'm so excited :)


    I just got it today!!!

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Easter Eggs

    April 10, 2018 by TFCBelloni140

    I accidentally found interesting displays in this Wiki (it is also applied to other wikis as well)!

    Also, please specify for easter eggs you might find.

    Press Shift+/ (?) to bring up the Keyboard Shortcuts menu.

    Press . to bring up the Actions Dialog.

    Press / to bring up the Search Bar.

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I just noticed something that I don't exactly want to happen:

    Some of you are doubting about me and KBelloni07 posted some comments at the same time (and presumably, date).

    Here's my reason: KBelloni07 was right beside me throughout all times, but I never guessed that she could ever had the chance to check in, so I just turned in my account for her.

    And no, KBelloni07 is not active right now, so it could mean more time to sort things out.

    The controversy is already happening! About the RP Manipulation thing, there is one thing that you don't know:

    The reason behind this is that before KBelloni07 arised as a new member of this Wiki, she spent so much time struggling to find a place where she could go online.

    That's why she asked me to create an …

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  • Lionstar16

    Hey guys,

    Since we're still basking in the joy of Return of Salt Princess, I thought I would post this question to you:

    If you were a Daemon Evoker, what would your spirit animal be?

    I know mine would be a lion (hence my username) but I'm interested to know what you believe your spirit animal is :)

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I know all of you are now against me, and it's getting on my nerves, so I made a fatal decision:

    I will be TEMPORARILY signing off on March 31st, 2018.

    I know this was all just of my unwise decision, and something that I can't hide anymore.

    So I will be replying to the comments on articles, blog posts, etc. until the specific date.

    I will leave you this message as an ending to my latest blog post:

    "Do concern others as you do concern yourself."

    Love always,


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  • TFCBelloni140

    I already read every single message and they are all pointing on me for ONE FATAL MISTAKE: Putting myself to the position that I wasn't supposed to belong.

    I know all of you agreed that it was very UNWISE, but can you hear me out, please?

    The reason why I'm doing this is because I'm very desperate, and itched about my powers to be let out.

    My professionalism.

    My mastery.


    I was just trying my luck, and I am very sure that I will do eveything to fix this, when I was given the time.

    So I know you wanted to comment something offensive, but I'm out of capabilities right now. These are also unencouraging, so I'm now-

    Before I finish this blog, sobbing, here's my final words:

    “The negativities in life, when worsened, shatters one's life into p…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    "How I wished that I will reign as a guide to help my fellow disciples reach their way towards never-ending glory."

    I've already made a decision- since I already read and understand the criterias stated, I'm now pointing myself to begin my journey as a supreme of this community.

    Some of you might/would be disagreeing with my plan, but I was putting myself to the test if I was worthy of being a supreme or not.

    In conclusion, I am now:


    Information about being an admin in here:

    Adoption:Requests | Community Central | FANDOM by Wikia 

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  • SwordLily621

    I really want to type out all the thoughts that I have about this game, even if it's just for myself, before the excitement wears off and I get distracted by something else, so here I am continuing :) SPOILERS, obviously. This part will be mostly me speaking about characters, with some random impressions and headcanons. Ridiculous amounts of text ahead, I'm sorry - you don't have to read this!

    Serafina and Mercy:

    • Maybe my feelings would be different if I hadn't played the beta, but I really loved Serafina and Mercy back when the beta came out, I believed them that they loved Brigid like a sister, and I was seriously expecting them to end up on our side. So Mercy's total evilness and their deaths were one of my two biggest disappointments in th…
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  • The Sapphire Panda

    PNG Images

    March 18, 2018 by The Sapphire Panda

    Hey guys!

    So recently, I've decided to make PNG images for all the characters in the DP universe. Granted, this will take time, so please be patient.

    A PNG image for an infobox means the image is the character with a transparent background, so all you see is the character. In some ways, it looks more professional than an average JPG image. I've already done so with Mercy's infobox, check that out if you'd like.

    Anyway, I'm almost done with Serafina, but I need some help deciding which images for characters to do. For instance, I know I'll do old Nuada for his infobox, but which expression should I use? If you could screenshot your preference of expression, that'd be great.

    The same applies for other characters on the wiki. Send me whichever im…

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  • SwordLily621

    This is not meant to be a proper review with an actual structure, more a collection of random thoughts that might be updated as I remember things :) Also, SPOILERS, of course.

    • first of all, CALLED IT - yes, it was me who wrote that comment, and I was like 80% right, which felt really satisfying :D
    • technically the game was very well done - fantastic graphics, music, puzzles, HOS, etc. The puzzles in particular were fresh and original and very interesting to figure out.
    • I was kind of worried when I first clicked "play" and the difficulty screen came up and there was no custom - I usually hate sparkles but like to keep the hint and disable the misclick penalty, so I was torn for a moment before deciding "to hell with it" and clicking "hard". The…
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  • Sn0wqu33n

    Royal Advisor

    March 16, 2018 by Sn0wqu33n

    I have a theory about the royal advisor in RotSP.I don’t think she is the same evil witch as the one we’ve seen in other games, because of her affinity with frogs instead of spiders, but I think she might be a witch we saw in another game. I think she is the one who originally cursed James. The parable even states that she experimented with transforming people into animals.

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  • Sn0wqu33n


    March 6, 2018 by Sn0wqu33n

    I was playing a non-DP game and the design on this chest caught my eye. Does it look familiar? 

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I may be wondering: A game is nothing without a soundtrack, or OST for short.

    So I decided to ramp up this game by doing my own compilation of Dark Parables OSTs!

    This includes the soundtracks from Dark Parables series, Cursery and Fabled Legends.

    Currently in the compilation (not uploaded): 4

    • Dark Parables 5: The Final Cinderella OST
    • Dark Parables 7: Ballad of Rapunzel OST
    • Dark Parables 8: The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide OST
    • Cursery: The Crooked Man & The Crooked Cat OST

    Apparently, 5-7 OSTs would be compiled, so I think I have to obtain 1-3 additional games for this purpose.

    (I am a big fond of OSTs... NieR: Automata OST, Undertale OST...)

    Let me know what you think of this idea, and suggest me some of your pointers to make this compilation…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I've been thinking this date over my head...

    First (just a heads-up), my birthday will be in the inclusive date (shown at the title).

    On the other hand, it makes sense that Returnof the Salt Princess (DP14) will probably be released in the same date (or is mentioned in the Release Week, please check Return of the Salt Princess - Wiki Page).

    I've been thinking this far: How did RotSP get into a meaning that it will be released on this date, according to Abdallah Ali? Is there a fate that Brigid and I share in common?

    Just a mythical prophecy... I got this feeling that somehow, when it landed on my birthday date, there comes something for me.

    So, just a random thought... What do you think of this connection? Is there something crucial that Blue T…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Have a quick look at my profile page for just a moment and look at the two galleries.

    And links, too!

    I've got all my compilations of Games and Characters (my favorites) compiled into each gallery.


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  • TFCBelloni140

    Back to Gaming...

    February 14, 2018 by TFCBelloni140

    Since I'm very devoted to Dark Parables, I will try something new...

    Currently on my Current Gaming list (UPDATED March 28th, 2018):

    • Dark Parables 5: The Final Cinderella
    • Dark Parables 7: Ballad of Rapunzel
    • Dark Parables 8: The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide
    • Dark Parables 13: Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow
    • Cursery: The Crooked Man & The Crooked Cat
    • Dark Parables 11: The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree
    • Dark Parables 4: The Red Riding Hood Sisters

    Bold text - Completed

    Currently on my Gaming Wish list (UPDATED March 28th, 2018):

    • Dark Parables 9: Queen of Sands
    • Dark Parables 12: The Thief and the Tinderbox
    • Dark Parables 14: Return of the Salt Princess
    • Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper

    Bold text - Suspected Games to play

    UPDATED: I've added 2 games to my …

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I Am OFFICIALY Back!

    January 30, 2018 by TFCBelloni140

    Hey guys, I'll keep this short.

    I am now OFFICIALY back to this wiki! Hey, all those trying times I had last week, I was abit down and out. So I temporarily signed off to give myself space.

    The next part of the blog will be posted within this week, so stay tuned!

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  • Sn0wqu33n


    January 28, 2018 by Sn0wqu33n

    This is a nice story I found. I am posting this mostly because I thought people on here may appreciate the story.

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    So, for many of you, this blog post won't be very interesting. However, for me, it is the most fun I could have while waiting for the game to release. Of course, that would be... symbolism!

    Yeah, yell your "boos" now, people. I know I'm lame for analyzing symbolism. But hear me out. I find it fun to find evidence and see how a character relates to it. By comparing them to a similar object we can get a deeper insight to their character and learn their intentions. In this case, it could even help us predict stuff about the story before it's released. That being said, below is a lot of symbolism I found in the game.

    In which I analyze the game's music for character info.

    Serafina's Song (song that plays when she talks): Can we please agree that …

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  • TFCBelloni140

    I have gotten through this idea that some characters might have their souls roamed across the world, without anybody sensing them.

    I have agreed that some of our members here are not aware of my weird being, so I had to give you this blog.

    I eventually had to tune in to this Wiki even it is almost midnight. Suddenly, someone came up to me and said:

    "Please! Help me!"

    I heard it from the room that I slept in. Eventually, it came out again, screaming:

    "Rapunzel! Please! Help me!"

    If I only had known of this before, then I would eventually got up and sense some ghosts. But I found no one. I went to lie down again and visited the article Belladonna on this Wiki, when it bursted into tears:

    "Joshua! Please! I'm trapped!"

    "Who do you think are you?" I s…

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    Pressing Issue

    January 4, 2018 by The Sapphire Panda

    This issue isn't super pressing, but it's been in the back of my mind for awhile and it's high time for a solution.

    But first, I would like the opinions of my fellow Wiki members. Firstly, do any of you know where Astro (Astroasis) is? She's been gone for awhile now. I wonder if her computer broke again.

    But anyway, this is regarding the fate of the Official Wiki Walkthroughs page. If you didn't know it existed, it does. It's a place for video walkthroughs of Dark Parables games. This page has been dormant for awhile now, with the last episode of a walkthrough being updated by Pocolate about a year and a half ago for the fifth episode of Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose. She, unfortunately, is gone for school reasons, which I completely un…

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  • Myss M

    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to wish you all a very safe, and a very Happy New Year!

    Here's hoping 2018 brings you all happiness, love, precious moments, laughter and good fortune!

    Many blessings to you all!

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Welcome to Dark Parables Wiki!

    So, it's been a while after I created this account for you. Hope you have a good time with our dedicated members of this Wiki, as we are committed to commemorate the Dark Parables Game Series.

    Without you, this Wiki would be nothing. Hope you all the best from Dark Parables Wiki!

    -Joshua Lebran

    (This post was originally posted to my account. KBelloni07, if you're reading this, sorry for the inconvenience.)

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    Recently and for a long time now, rumors have been circulating around the wiki. One of these many rumors is that a wiki user claimed to have found a depiction of Thalassa, the Sea Goddess in the 8th Dark Parables game, somewhere in the 5th Dark Parables game. This blog post will be a compilation of my comprehensive analysis of this claim, its origins, debunking possibilities, and coming a closed verdict. So, that being said, I am the Sapphire Panda and I will lead this investigation today.

    Before I start, I'd also like to say that if you have additional information or counterclaims to the case I present here, please tell me in the comments below, along with images of your findings (if necessary).

    A while back, I saw a comment on the page tit…

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    Macabre Mysteries

    December 18, 2017 by The Sapphire Panda

    This is definitely my fourth favorite series made by Blue Tea Games (after Dark Parables, Cursery, and Forgotten Riddles). The thing is, though, this game is my most anticipated for a sequel because this game came out in 2011 and we still have NO IDEA IF THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL DESPITE THERE CLEARLY BEING HINTS AND GROUNDWORK FOR A SEQUEL. Sorry, I get worked up about these things.

    Anyway, today I'll be talking about where I want the series to go. None of this is official info except for a few tidbits, so take my fan ideas with a grain of salt. Now, let's begin!

    To start, the first game has you clear your grandfather's good name after Abigail, one of his star ballerinas, killed Rose, the main attraction of the theater. Abigail and Andreas, th…

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  • Xenobladevorefan08

    I just realized

    November 10, 2017 by Xenobladevorefan08

    How similar The elemental gaurdians (my Mario ocs) and The Guardians of Flora are

    Briar rose's flower represents protection, like Lui'M's element, earth does

    Ivy's flower represents destruction like M'igi's element, air/wind does

    Snow's flower reprsents ice, like Dimigi's element, water does

    Ross'  flower reprsents fire, Like Luentio's element (fire)

    Rupunzul's flower repsents life, like Luario's element, light does.

    Bella's flower represents death, like Marigi's element, shadow does

    Something I noticed while daydreaming in CMSY

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    I know I've made a lot of blogs recently, and I apologize about that. Today, I'll be talking about the proper grammar to use based on mistakes I've seen recently.

    So, this issue started after Return of the Salt Princess, and it's already very commonly made. The words "princess", "kingdom", "prince", "king", "queen", etc. should NOT be capitalized. These words describe basic things, not their specifics. For instance, if you were typing, you wouldn't say "I'm going to the City this afternoon", you'd say "I'm going to the city this afternoon." Notice the lack of capitalization here. Because the city isn't specific, it should remain lowercased. 

    On the other hand, if those words are specific, i.e. Grak Kingdom, Princess Brigid, Prince James, Kin…

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  • Sn0wqu33n

    Mermaid of Zennor

    November 7, 2017 by Sn0wqu33n

    This story could make for a nice side story in a future game.

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    Hey guys. Sapphire Panda here. I just wanted to talk about something that's been on my mind lately.

    I know this will sound weird, but I kind of think of all of you (everyone on the Wiki) as a family. We all share similar interests (being on a wiki and talking about DP, among many more), can freely theorize and talk amongst each other, and tell each other about our own lives outside of this site.

    Because of this "family" feel, I've decided to tell you something that I don't expect you to care about wholeheartedly, but I just wanted to share. In short, I broke my arm yesterday. It doesn't affect my daily life too much, but I just thought you should know :)

    That's all for now. Thanks for reading if you did. Bye! :D

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  • TFCBelloni140

    JOSHUA AND KATHERINE: A MYSTERY TO BE FOUND (Sample Only) is now ready for download!

    Download here:!AsuZAsS2GQkmhzWrc2xHqFwLJ5Q_


    1. Make sure you have Microsoft Office 2013 or higher on your PC.
    2. Download the Word document from the site above (without viewing it)
    3. Check the line spacing between each page.
    4. Save the document in a different dicrectory if you wish to revise the document.
    5. After revising the document, upload in a network location (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.).
    6. Write the details about the revised document. Don't forget to include the network location of the file.

    Some pictures were taken from:

    Enjoy reading and revising this sample document! …

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  • TFCBelloni140


    Is tgere anyone who knows how to obtain an APK copy of FANDOM for: Dark Parables on Android?

    If so, let me know.

    If not, specify the reason.

    Thanks. Joshua

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Okay, let's get this straight. It was all about Katherine's wallpaper, which was involved in this situation.

    Is there anyone able to create Katherine's user account on your PC? Well, here's mine:

    Suppose that you have gotten Katherine's account, how did you feel?

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  • TFCBelloni140

    Please be informed that Katherine Belloni will make its way to FANDOM in a few moments.

    For quick reference, please check out Katherine07's profile.

    I'll send a report to Astroasis about the new member after a few minutes.


    It is official, ladies and gentlemen!

    Visit KBelloni07's User Page for a quick look.

    I have spent time editing all of these as she requested me to. Sorry about that.

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  • Carin19000

    first blog

    October 17, 2017 by Carin19000

    Hi Dark parables fans

    today i replay the beta and i click on BTG adventures you see they remnind us the previous game from every series

    and guess what they add Ballad of Rapunzel instead of The Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow

    will Dark Parables 14 story be after what happens with Rapunzel and her lil sister

    isn't that strange why BTG didn't add DP 13

    someone say because Eipix own it .. so what do you think ??

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  • Sn0wqu33n


    October 16, 2017 by Sn0wqu33n

    I was reading a book, and this story caught my eye. I want to know what y'all think.

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    Great Idea

    October 14, 2017 by The Sapphire Panda

    Hello, everyone! I know Return of the Salt Princess is coming out soon and the hype for that game is strong, but I wanted to talk about something else for a second.

    Even though I know it won't happen, I'll be frank with you: I really want to be a creator of the stories in the Dark Parables games.

    Ridiculous, right? Hear me out.

    Over the summer, I got a book of Grimm's fairy tales and I've been reading it (slowly yet surely, might I add). As I read, I jot down little notes about several tales that would blend well together. I then write parables and occasionally draw characters for these ideas. Some of my stories I'd like to think are REALLY similar to a Dark Parables format, but I can't be sure. I really enjoy this and I really want to be a p…

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  • Sn0wqu33n

    Swan Princess

    September 8, 2017 by Sn0wqu33n

    I was digging on the internet, and I believe I found the inspiration for the name of the former swan princess, Elise. It comes from a fairytale known as The Six Swans. I am not completely sure though, because most versions of the tale I found online had the princess's name as being Eliza.

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  • Sn0wqu33n


    September 6, 2017 by Sn0wqu33n

    So, I went to Germany this summer and went to Nachswanstein Castle, and I found out something interesting. King Ludwig II was into medival fantasy, and one of his favorite stories was about the Knight of the Swan. The Knight of the Swan is a mythological figure who rescues a damsel on the condition that he not be asked his name. I just wonder if he might be the inspiration for the Swan Guard. Let me know what you think!

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    Hey guys! It's The Sapphire Panda here to talk about something I've been wondering about for awhile now.

    Basically, it's the fate of the Official Wiki Walkthroughs section of the wiki.

    Pocolate originally started the series of videos for Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose. There are currently five episodes of this series up on the wiki page already. However, I feel that more walkthroughs should be made for the other games in the Dark Parables series. I was wondering if, possibly, multiple people could be making multiple walkthrough series at once? For example, one wiki user makes a walkthrough of The Final Cinderella while another member makes a walkthrough of Jack and the Sky Kingdom or something similar.

    If this is the case and you'd like t…

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  • SailorSedna052

    You all know that BlueTeaGames bought the rights to their games back from Eipix but I feel there should be a fair trade. Why not give them Macabre Mysteries, Fabled Legends, and Cursery to them? Lately those 3 are getting the short end of the stick. Now I don't mind Enchantia: Wrath against the Pheonix Queen being a one-shot cause it had a nice ending but leaving the other 3 on cliffhangers? Come on!! Give us something that gives us hints that your still doing those projects. I'm starting to wonder if I should make some up myself just to fix the cliffhangers and give us answers we need. Sorry for ranting, but if Eipix can work on 5+ projects, why can't BlueTeaGames?

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  • Myss M

    Picture Help

    June 8, 2017 by Myss M

    Hey everyone! I have a quick question that I'm hoping someone can help me answer! :)

    I found a picture I'd really like to add to one of the pages, but the page itself doesn't give me an option to edit the gallery. Is there a way I can still add the picture to the page, or am I just out of luck? Any help would be, as always, much appreciated! Thank you!

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    Hey guys! It's me, the Sapphire Panda, here for another blog post! Today, I'll be discussing my opinions on all the dark parables games (1-13) and reviewing them based on my taste. Let's begin!

    1. 13 - Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow

    You probably saw this coming a mile away. Yep, RftFS was my least favorite game in the DP series. Why, you may ask? Although this game had a great premise and a shadow pun here or there (the people look like pale shadows of their former selves), what didn't sit well to me was how vague the story was. Many things went unexplained -- why do we need to enter the Duke's Mansion in the first place? How did the Duke trap the Sun and Moon Goddesses? Why did he need whatever "artifacts" they both had? Questions like these…

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  • Historynut19

    So because I'm pretty miffed at the fact there's not a lot of LGBTAQ+ representation in gaming, even more so in HOPA games, I decided to do something about that.

    Thus, I'm making lil headcanons on the characters just because...why the fuck not?

    Let me know if you guys have any other headcanons!

    • Briar Rose, I headcanon her as Panromantic Demisexual
    • Not all of the Red Riding Hood Sisters are straight.
      • Ruth is bisexual, maybe even genderfluid
      • Jessica is a full blown lesbian 
      • Teresa and Eldra were possibly bisexual or pansexual
    • Pinnochio may be panromantic, pansexual
    • At least one of the dieties is part of the LGBTAQ+ community, maybe the Sun Goddess. Maybe she's a lesbian 
    • We all know James was...quite the whore *is shot* but I think he may be pansexual …

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  • MargaretGR


    Today while i was exploring to facebook, a post of the Blue Tea Games popped and it showed something that really left me excited and hyper. They posted a photo of this:

    Above the photo they wrote :Hello fans, guess what's back? Who is this girl and what is her connection to our newest case?

    Seriously, when i saw this i got hyped and happy at the same time of the idea (IF) that they got the DP series back.

    If it's really a photo of the DP, do you think that this girl could be Alice in the 14th game? ;) 

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    Hey everyone! So, recently, I've been replaying the Dark Parables series (for the umpteenth time) and I realized something. To this very day, the games I played long ago still haunt me with their beauty. "Why?" you ask? For the simple reason of this:

    We've all heard this sound effect before.

    But why is this relevant, you may ask?

    For the simple reason of this: this sound effect is what keeps me up, wondering about how one scene could be so hauntingly beautiful, so shrouded in mystery, and how one scene can chill me to the bone.

    Even to this day and as I write this post, I feel the goosebumps rising on my arms just from listening to this effect. I can't say what it is that chills me so, but I do know that this is one of several sound effects th…

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  • RedRidingRose
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