Cheryl is a minor character in the Dark Parables spin-off game, Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat. She is the deceased true love of the Crooked Man, Count Blaise Morellus.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Cheryl was a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. As a commoner, she wore a simple blouse and skirt, covered by a long apron. Once engaged to Count Morellus, she was able to wear much finer clothing, including a long dark blue dress with intricate ribbon trimming. She also wore a fancy ruffled bonnet. It was this dress that she died in.

Cheryl was a sweet, loving girl who was friendly to everyone and was beloved by all in Silvery Coral Village. Even though Madame Girard treated her harshly, she still was a hard worker that proved irreplaceable in the Grocery store. She loved Blaise Morellus deeply, even when he began to act in a possessive and controlling way. She carried this love for him into her next life as Renee.

History Edit

Cheryl was a common girl who lived a simple life in Silvery Coral Village. The other villagers loved her dearly for her soft heart and gentle ways. She worked in Madame Girard's Grocery, delivering orders to the store's customers.

One day, while delivering groceries, Cheryl tripped and fell, twisting her ankle. A handsome young man came to her aid, helping her up and stealing her heart. His name was Blaise, and she believed he was a servant at the Chateau de Morellus. The two continued to meet each other and love blossomed. Eventually, she learned that Blaise was actually the Count himself and not a mere servant. He asked her to marry him and Cheryl said yes.

Once living in the Chateau with Blaise, Cheryl found his behavior turning possessive and controlling. He had her live in a secret chamber of the Chateau, accessible only through a portal hidden in a mirror, and refused to let her leave to visit her friends in the village. Finally, Cheryl realized that the Count was merely keeping her locked in his home like a bird in a cage and she escaped.

Count Morellus hunted her down, finally chasing her through the woods to a cliff near the Chateau. At the cliff's edge, Cheryl lost her footing and fell to her death. The last thing she saw as she fell was Blaise reaching for her, his face horrified by her falling.

Cheryl's spirit could not rest and haunted the area where she died for a hundred years, before her reincarnation, Renee, returned to the scene and recalled the memories of her life as Cheryl. It was only then that the spirit of those memories could disappear in a bright flash of light never to be seen again.

Quotes Edit

  • "All I really want is to visit my friends at the village before our wedding, and you won't allow it." (letter to Blaise)
  • "Do you love me, or am I simply a caged bird to be kept behind these walls?" (letter to Blaise)
  • "You chased me to the cliff. Then I fell. I died because of you!" (as Renée)
  • "I am merely a representation of the memories of your sister's past life. Now that she remembers, I will fade away."
  • "Please defeat the Crooked Man before Renée suffers my fate."
  • “You don’t really love me. You just want a docile puppet to play your wife and live with you in your little gilded cage!” (to Blaise as Renée)

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