Count Leofric is a minor character seen in the thirteenth Dark Parables game, Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow. He is a lesser noble in the town of Anaben and the High Priest of the Brotherhood.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Leofric had blondish-light brown hair in waves, grey eyes, and a villainous mustache with a beard. He was dressed in lavish red and black clothing. When he was trying to be mysterious, he wore a grey cloak with the hood hiding his face in shadow.

Judging by his speech to the town off Anaben, Leofric wanted to have the appearance of a hero, claiming that he would get rid of the plague from the town. He was very cruel and selfish, not caring for the victims who've lost their shadows.

History Edit

Leofric was seen in Duke Herman's castle as a hooded figure. He got into the castle via a secret passage. For unexplained reasons, he was outside on the balcony, waiting for the Duchess, Elena. Catching her by surprise, he took her shadow by using a candle. After the Duke and Duchess left, he took another civilian's shadow before preventing the Detective from stopping him with the use of a ruby ring.

He later appeared, announcing to the people of Anaben that he would help the town since the Duke had left.

He found the last shadow within one of his henchman and left, but not before ordering his other henchman to take care of the "nuisance".

At the ceremony, Guida appeared, ordering Leofric to give her the candle. When he didn't, she turned him into a stone statue before breaking him to pieces killing him.

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Quotes from Count Leofric Edit

  • "Anaben! Your beloved Duke has left us to fight this scourge on our own!"
  • "I've taken it upon myself to guide us through these dark times."
  • "Rest assured, I will rid us of this disease!"
  • "I don't have time for this! Take care of this nuisance!"
  • "The time has come for us to finish what we started years ago."
  • "At last, the shadow pieces are in one place!"

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