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Inspiration Edit

The inspiration behind the Dark Parables series and the world it creates came from the Fables series of comic books published by Vertigo and running from 2002 to the present. This series combines the characters from a myriad of fables, fairy tales and legends into one cohesive modern day world and is also believed to be the inspiration behind the ABC television show, Once Upon a Time.

Blue Tea Games Edit

Dark Parables was conceived and created by the team at Blue Tea Games, and specifically Steven Zhao. Blue Tea Games were the developers for Curse of Briar Rose, The Exiled Prince, Rise of the Snow Queen, The Red Riding Hood Sisters, The Final Cinderella, Jack and the Sky Kingdom, and Ballad of Rapunzel. Despite statements to the contrary, Ballad of Rapunzel was the final game developed by Blue Tea Games for the Dark Parables series. They did not play an active role in the development of The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide.

They also released two spin-off games, Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper and Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat. Both of these games seemed poised to be spin-off series in the Dark Parables universe (or a parallel universe like it), but neither game ever received a sequel and both remain stand-alone games.

Blue Tea Games decided to change their focus from casual desktop games to mobile gaming. In time, they made the decision to drop desktop games entirely - and with them, the Dark Parables series.

Eipix Entertainment Edit

When Blue Tea Games moved from desktop gaming to exclusively focus on mobile games, Eipix Entertainment stepped up and took on the Dark Parables series. Their first release for Dark Parables was The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide. Despite Blue Tea Games being credited with co-development of the game by some sources, as well as their logo being present on the game itself, the credits for the game show it was entirely created by Eipix. It's likely that the concept of the game came from Blue Tea Games (as it must have been conceived of before the release of Ballad of Rapunzel, given the teasers in that game), but the game itself was entirely made by Eipix.

Fans of the Dark Parables series have mixed opinions about the change in developers. However, the fact remains that Blue Tea Games was finished with the Dark Parables series. Hence, had Eipix not stepped in and taken the series on, the Dark Parables franchise would have ended for good when Blue Tea Games abandoned it. Fans, of course, have a soft spot for the individuals who created the world we love so much - but we also must embrace the individuals who are striving to keep that world alive for us to play in.

Big Fish Games Edit

The publisher for all installments of the Dark Parables series is Big Fish Games. One of the largest distributors of casual games, Big Fish Games provides both the desktop and mobile (where available) versions of all Dark Parables games. They also provide the Official Strategy Guides and Official Forums for the games.

Big Fish Games generally releases a Collector's Edition of each game, which includes the main game, a bonus game, a Strategy Guide and extra content pertaining to the game. Following shortly afterwards, a Regular Edition is released that contains only the main game and is offered at a discounted price.

The Art of Dark Parables Edit

Many artists have worked on Dark Parables through the years. We have a page collecting all of the information we can find online about these talented individuals and their other artistic works.