The Crooked House is a location seen in the Dark Parables spin-off game, Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat. It is the hidden, Wonderland-esque home of the Crooked Man.


The Crooked House was built by Count Blaise Morellus III to serve as a home for his reincarnated fiancee, Cheryl, and himself. Construction on it began long enough after the loss of Blaise's mind that the house is only barely inhabitable. It is a twisted, Wonderlandian place that makes little sense to rational, sane people.

The house is hidden on the other side of Mirage Path, accessible only by traveling through the forest in the proper pattern and hidden by the Count's powerful illusions. It is the final resting place of all of the Crooked Man's Crooked Marionettes - the remains of the women he abducted over the decades while searching for Cheryl.

Notable ResidentsEdit


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