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Cursed Objects, or morphing objects, were an element of gameplay seen throughout the Dark Parables games released by Blue Tea Games. This includes the two spin-off games and two standalone games, as well. When Eipix Entertainment took over the franchise, morphing objects were combined with Parable Pieces. Story-specfiic symbols were also introduced, but these can be found on the Collections page.

Appearance and Mechanics Edit

Cursed Objects first appear in Sleepy Beauty on regular mode, but in hard mode they don't. Same with the second game.

Cursed Objects are found throughout the game and change their appearance (either subtly or more obviously) every few seconds. When the player clicks on one, it returns to its intended appearance and the player's tally of found Cursed Objects increases by one. Each object found by the player makes the Hint Button recharge more quickly. There are usually twenty objects in all.

Cursed Objects activate at different times throughout the game. Oftentimes, a room that had no Cursed Objects will acquire one further in the game, usually after some major plot point or alteration to the room itself. For this reason, Cursed Objects are listed here in the order they become available to the player, either by the area becoming accessible or by an Object in a previously available area being activated.

In the spin-off game Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper, the morphing objects are renamed "Fabled Objects" but otherwise operate the same way as the Cursed Objects in the main Dark Parables series.

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