Cursery Objects are items given as "gifts" by Mother Goose to unsuspecting individuals who believe these magical gifts will help them make their wishes come true. However, the objects end up corrupting the minds and souls of the people they are given to.

Appearance and Mechanics Edit

Cursery Objects can take on many different forms, depending on their purpose and the people they are given to. Once given, the objects begin corrupting the person, and their desire, who owns them and uses them. This corruption leads to a Cursery Rhyme - a twisted, macabre version of what we know of as Nursery Rhymes. The Cursery universe is aware of our versions of the tales - lending the question, are they fashioned after our tales? Or vice versa?

Known Cursery Objects Edit

Crooked Cane Edit

Given to Blaise Morellus, this cane gave the bearer eternal life and divine magical powers. The cane was able to create and destroy matter, attack people and things, and do pretty much anything else the bearer desires. The Crooked Cane was destroyed by the Unnamed Protagonist when the Crooked Ring was shot at it with a pistol. After being struck, the Crooked Cane fell off of a cliff into the ocean and was never seen again. The loss of the cane caused Blaise Morellus' body to begin to break apart. Before his body could entirely disintegrate, Blaise killed himself.

Crooked Bell Edit

This bell was given to Blaise Morellus, who used it on his pet cat, Parn. The bell gave Parn the ability to take on the form of a human, as well as allowing him to live indefinitely at his immortal master's side. Parn's only weakness was the loss of the bell and rays of direct moonlight. The Unnamed Protagonist used both of these things to defeat Parn, rendering him a useless wooden puppet as a result. The bell was then placed in a Crooked Cat statue in Mirage Path in order to open the gates to the Crooked House. The bell is assumed lost.

Crooked Ring Edit

Fashioned to look like the straw ring Blaise gave to Cheryl when she still thought he was a mere servant, this ring was enchanted to help Blaise Morellus find the reincarnation of his fiancee. When placed upon the finger of Cheryl's reincarnation, the ring would rekindle the memories of Cheryl's life - and death - for the wearer. However, when placed upon the finger of anyone else, the ring transforms the wearer into a helpless wooden marionette fashioned to look like their former selves. Using this ring, the Crooked Man built up an alarming number of Crooked Marionettes in his Crooked House.

Gluttonous Fruit Edit

This fruit was given to Gregoire Borde, the new owner of the Chateau de Morellus. A voracious eater, Lord Borde wished to be able to eat as much as he wanted, without ever getting full. The fruit turned him into the monstrous Humpty Dumpty, whose hunger was never satisfied. As a result of this insatiable hunger, Humpty Dumpty took to eating children whole while they were still alive, so that he could digest them slowly as they died.

Gallery Edit

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