Belladonna scratches ross

The Deadly Touch is the name of the power to kill with just one touch. This power plays a large part in Dark Parables; Ballad of Rapunzel.

Specifics Edit

The deadly touch is a dark curse that, so far, has only been possessed by the Nightbloom Guardian, Belladonna. The dark power was contained within her fingernails which became pitch black, the color of death. It is the most difficult ability to control and unlike most gifts, it is always there and doesn't need to be summoned by a Guardian's will, like Rapunzel's restoration powers. However, this may just be a result of the curse being granted by Mother Gothel's poison rather than the power of Flora. Though it is hard to manage, it can be controlled with time and the proper circumstances.

Effects Edit

  • Poison: Anyone who is touched by Belladonna's fingertips or is scratched by her nails will die. Even a Guardian without the power of restoration will die.

Notable Bearers Edit

  • Belladonna: Before she was even born, Belladonna's mother was poisoned by Gothel with a Nightbloom potion which killed Queen Melanie and cursed Belladonna with the deadly touch.

Notable Victims Edit

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