The Dire Tree is a magical tree first seen in the eleventh Dark Parables game, The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree. An entire city is concealed within the trunk of the tree, as well as a lake and the Swan Palace itself with it's inhabitants. The door to the city is actually a sentient being, capable of speech and only allowing entry to those it deems worthy. This entrance is also guarded by the Swan Guard. It is possibly based on Yggdrasil, the World Tree, from Norse mythology.

History Edit

The Dire Tree was the first tree planted by the Goddess Flora on Dire Island, linking all the plants in the world to a central life force. The Goddess, knowing that the tree couldn't protect itself, created the Harpies to guard the tree. However, the harpies soon gave in to their instinct, so the Goddess created the Swan Guard(s). In gratitude, every year the Dire Tree produces a Magic Seed to revive Flora.

Relevant Parables Edit

The First Tree (from The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree)
Long before our time, the Goddess Flora planted the very first tree on an island that would later become the Swan Kingdom. From this tree the roots spread throughout the whole planet linking every plant to a central life force. Flora soon realized that the tree could not defend itself against the dangers of the world, so she created the Swan Guard to protect the Dire Tree with their lives. In gratitude, every year the Dire Tree produces a magical seed with the power to rejuvenate Flora in a ritual of rebirth. Ross Red, one of the Guardians of the Goddess, was tasked with supervising the annual ritual, from the birth of the seed to the full rejuvenation of the Goddess. At one such ceremony, while everyone was looking at the Goddess, one pair of eyes remained focused on Ross Red's Weapon, known as the Shattering Sword. Little did Ross Red know of Swan Princess' plans to destroy the Goddess, for which she needed his weapon.

Quotes Edit

  • "Peace be upon you, friend of the kingdom. I grant you entrance."

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