The three Dog Guardians are monsters encountered in the twelfth Dark Parables game, The Thief and the Tinderbox. They are the guardians of the underground lair where the Tinderbox is interred.

The Dog Guardians are based on the Dog Guardians in Hans Christian Andersen's The Tinderbox. Their appearance seems to be based on that of Anubis, the Egyptian God of Burial.

Appearance Edit

The three Dog Guardians all look like dogs clad in yellow and blue armor, yet they stand on their hind legs like humans. Each of them have glowing eyes, and long claws.

Each one has their own essence; General Daniel Sol's essence is purple, General Ardan Bass' essence is orange-red, and General Chris Dahlia's essence is light blue.

In their human forms, they all don armor with a red cloak behind them. Each of their cloaks has a symbol on them.

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Origins Edit

The three Dog Guardians were once three highly regarded human soldiers in King Edric's army. It is unknown whether they died of natural causes, murdered or voluntarily sacrificed themselves for the position. Regardless, they were interred on Edric's orders in an underground lair, where they were magically reborn as the legendary three Dog Guardians.

Identities Edit

General Daniel Sol, Fourth Cavalry Brigade
General Sol's weakness is bright light against its eyes.

General Chris Dahlia, Commander of the National Guard
General Dahlia's weakness is heavy scents against its nose.

General Ardan Bass, First Scout Division
General Bass' weakness is loud noises against its ears.

Field Notes Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

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Quotes Edit

Quotes About the Dog Guardians Edit

  • "So these monsters were human once..."
  • "The light made him back off! That must be his weakness!"
  • "This guardian has particularly large ears, it must be the one with sound as his weakness."
  • "So the last guardian hates loud noises."
  • "However, one of them was repelled by my perfume bottle." (from a note by a slain Mountain Kingdom soldier)
  • "Those was those three generals that turned into the Guardians I vanquished."

Trivia Edit

The Dog Guardians' weaknesses correspond with their name:

  • Daniel Sol's weakness is sunlight. "Sol" means sun in Latin.
  • Chris Dahlia's weakness is smell. A Dahlia is a flower with a strong scent.
  • Ardan Bass' weakness is loud sounds. A bass is a low note or key on a natural scale.

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