The Druid(ess) ​Is a minor character first seen in the eleventh Dark Parables game, The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree . In the Bonus game, we get to see a younger version of her.

The Druid is not based on any specific Fairytale character; but instead on a Celtic class of people known as Druids.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

As a young woman, the Druid had long blonde hair which she wore in braids, pale green eyes and pale skin. Age has caused her hair to turn grey and her skin is now heavily wrinkled. She has, however, worn the same outfit throughout her life: a dark green dress with white sleeves, a brown belt with a silver, leaf-shaped buckle and a white cloak. The Druid is only able to speak English when her owl familiar is perched on her shoulder.

The Fairytale Detective seems to have a negative view of druids in general, but this one seems to be sincerely interested in helping the Swan Kingdom.


The Druid's actual age is unknown, but given that she was a young woman during A Fable of Two Hearts, it must be assumed she is a few centuries old.

At some point, the Druid encountered Prince James, who had reverted back to a frog after the death of Princess Naida. She took the Frog Prince with her to Dire Island where she intended to give him to the Swan Princess Odette, having foreseen the future love between the two. While waiting in the Swan Archives, she was ambushed by a harpy. Fortunately, she was saved by the Swan Princess herself. The Druid presented Odette with her unusual gift and then requested a mineral to place in her pool so she could present the Princess with her second gift for when they said goodbye. After Odette brought what she needed, the Druid saw a series of visions that she interpreted as either Odette's future, past or simply her desire. With that, the Druid left the Princess to fulfill her prophecy.

The Druid settled on Dire Island in a hut concealed in the swamp where, centuries later, she would have another fateful encounter with a young woman. Deep in the forest she met Odile, a high-ranking member of the Swan Guard, who released her owl familiar from a magic seed trap. In gratitude, the Druid presented Odile with a staff that could summon her home and a potion that would induce prophecy dreams.

She also gave the Detective the recipe for a memory potion to help Ross Red after his memories were gone.

Relevant ParablesEdit

A Dark Dream (from The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree)
Long ago when the Black Swan was still white, and a member of the Swan Guard, she met a strange woman deep in the forest. The woman could not speak yet, the Black Swan could understand exactly what the woman wanted. As mutely requested, the Black Swan the woman's owl from one of the traps set-up for the magic seeds. In return the old woman gave the Black Swan a staff and a potion, saying, "These will help you prepare for things to come." then suddenly disappeared. Odile drank the potion and that night she dreamt of a disaster that threatened the Swan Kingdom. The vision was so vivid Odile had no doubt that the danger was real. She could see the Dire Tree on its deathbed, with huge cracks splintering the earth around it. She saw a swan transforming into a tree. Horrid dreams disturbed her sleep all night, showing her many things and yet none at all. When Odile awoke she seemed a different person, suddenly caring nothing for the duties of the Swan Guard. As she knew very well from her dream, the danger to her homeland was lurking on the inside.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Teleportation: The Druid is capable of moving from one place to another when summoned, via some form of teleportation.
  • Alchemy: The Druid seems to be a capable Alchemist.
  • Affinity with Nature: The Druid is deeply in tune with all aspects of nature, both animal life and plant life. She is also in possession of a Plant Monster, which points to her either having knowledge of lesser known monstrous creations or an ability to create or mimic them.


Quotes by Druid Edit

  • "I have foreseen your arrival, Swan Princess!"
  • "I have two gifts for you. First when we say hello, and again when we say goodbye."
  • "A royal frog for a royal lady. Keep it close to your heart, and it will change your life forever."
  • "My second gift will be a glimpse of things to come."
  • "Mah-surr. Too-puck-furr!"
  • "This bird helps me speak."
  • "I've been expecting you! I saw you in my mug."

Quotes about the Druid Edit

  • "You can never expect a simple answer from a Druid."
  • "Druids love to trick people. I hope she's not wasting my time."