Duchess Elena is a minor character first encountered in the thirteenth Dark Parables game, Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow. She is the Duchess of Anaben and the first person in town to be stricken with the mysterious shadow illness.

Duchess Elena is not based on a particular fairy tale character.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Duchess Elena is a pretty woman with short, dark blonde hair tied in a low bun, brown eyes and pale skin.

Much of Duchess Elena's personality is unknown, but she has shown to hold Anaben and her husband of great importance to her.

History Edit

Nothing is known of Elena's early life but at some point she married Duke Herman and became Duchess of Anaben. Her marriage to Herman is a happy one with her husband often thoughtfully giving her gifts of songbirds and the people of Anaben respect her. The Candle Maker was one of the people of Anaben that respected her. The Candle Maker gave her a fairy medallion to protect her from evil.

One night, Duchess Elena was asleep in bed with her husband when she awoke with a fright. Tiptoeing to the balcony, she opened the door to found a black cat. But whhen she looked up, she saw a cloaked figure with a ruby ring and a candle. The hooded figure proceeded to steal Elena's shadow and she soon became very ill.

When the local Anaben doctors were unable to help Elena, Duke Herman decided to take his wife to a healer in the mountains but their carriage was nearly run off the road by the Fairytale Detective. Elena, delirium from her illness, was roused by some essential oil long enough to warn the Detective about the man with the ruby ring.

When her husband was taking her to see the healer, she and her husband was tricked by a fraud. The fake healer went by the name Arne and was working with Guida. They plotted to send Guida into Anaben disguised as the Duchess.

After helping the Detective defeat Guida and the shapeshifter, the Duchess returned to Anaben.

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Quotes from Duchess Elena Edit

  • "Darkness... Shadow. Beware the candle..."

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