Duke Herman is a minor character first encountered in the thirteenth Dark Parables game, Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow. He is the ruler of the town of Anaben and the husband of Duchess Elena.

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Duke Herman is a handsome man with brown hair and hazel eyes. He is dressed in a black coat that reveals some red underneath and black pants.

Not much is know about his personality other than he really cares for his wife and that the people of Anaben loves him. He might be reckless and rash for blaming the Detective for nearly killing them though.

History Edit

Nothing is known of Duke Herman's early life but at some point he became Duke of Anaben and married a woman named Elena.

One day, Duke Herman's wife became inexplicably sick. She was pale and seemed to withering away. This disease then began to infect other people of Anaben. Worse, not one doctor was able to cure the disease. Although the Duke sent for the Fairytale Detective to try and rid the plague, the Duke received a threat criticizing his apparent apathy and warned him to leave town lest he suffer the consequences.

Frightened by the threat and concerned for his wife's health the Duke left Anaben to go to Arne, the famed healer in the mountains. On the way out, the Duke met the Fairytale Detective. The Duke allowed the Detective to speak with Elena before leaving. The Duke and his wife then reached the Healer's cabin.

A few days after the plague was halted, the Detective investigated why the Duke and his wife had not returned. As it turns out, the Duke and his wife were being held captive by Guida and a shapeshifter pretending to be the healer in order to infiltrate Anaben disguised as the Duke and Duchess. Too weak to personally search for Elena, the Duke gave the Detective an item to rescue the Duchess.

After Guida's plan was put to a halt, the Duke returned with his wife to Anaben. Although the people of Anaben were happy to have the Duke and Duchess back, the Duke was still uncertain about who to trust.

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  • "Who do you think you are, jumping in front of my carriage like that?! You almost got us killed!"
  • "I'm taking Elena to a doctor in the mountains. I just can't watch her suffer anymore."
  • "This is getting out of control. I've even gotten a threatening letter!"
  • "If the finest doctor in Anaben can't help, how can I?"

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