The Eel Monster is a gigantic eel that is both a pet and a minion to the Prasino Royal Family. It might be based on "The Terrible Dogfish" from The Adventures of Pinocchio. It serves as a major obstacle in the eighth Dark Parables game, The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The eel monster is a grayish eel of enormous size. It has long, sharp teeth and a face only a mother could love. Well, only its own mother could love. Maybe not even then. This eel appears to be incredibly loyal to it's masters like Althea and Daphne. This thing is super ugly. Its eyes sometimes glow an orange or red color. The eel monster doesn't really have a personality. It's cranky and, when not fed regularly, is prone to eating anything and everything in its path. It likes eating purple coral, which is probably how it got so big and ugly in the first place. That stuff's highly poisonous, after all.

Field Notes Edit

We first encounter the eel monster when it capsizes our rowboat and sends us flying into the water. After that point, this monster is constantly hounding us during our investigation of the Kingdom of Prasino and the areas surrounding it. It swallows Pinocchio whole, and presumably swallows us, as well, in our plot to rescue the wooden boy. The last we see of the beast, it's regurgitating us (and Pinocchio) on the balcony and disappearing to nurse its upset tummy.

Origins Edit

We don't know for certain where the eel monster came from. It's obviously not a natural creature, but it doesn't seem to be directly tied into the curse placed on the Prasino Royal Family. Considering the various depictions of the monster in and around the temple devoted to the Sea Goddess, the eel was most likely a creation of Thalassa's that did her bidding when she was still free. With Thalassa imprisoned, control of the eel monster transferred to King Alexandros.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Speed: The eel monster is a very fast swimmer, capable of darting in and around things quickly.
  • Leaping: It is able to leap out of the water to attack prey on land or in boats.
  • Huge Fangs: My, what big teeth it has.
  • Huge Mouth: Capable of swallowing a medium-sized puppet man in one quick gulp.
  • Immunity to Purple Poison: The same poison that kills lesser fish and sea creatures is breakfast for this one.
  • Extreme Ugliness: If there was ever a contest in the Dark Parables world, this guy would win hands down.

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