The Elemental Machine and Elemental Orbs are intricate magical relics that work together to combine elemental energies into an extremely powerful energy. It is this energy, combined with the Staff of the Ancients, that allows the Sea Goddess to free herself from King Alexandros' imprisonment.

Appearance and Mechanics Edit

The Elemental Machine is round with a pentagon shape at the center. Each of the corner is for the five Elemental Orbs. The machine was build to not only release King Alexandros from his curse, but to increase his power. The machine used the five elements of wood, metal, fire, water, and earth to increase one's power. This comes at a cost however, as the orbs polluted the waters.

History Edit

The Elemental Machine was originally built to harness the combined forces of the elements. The machine was extremely dangerous however, and was destroyed. The orbs of the machine were separated to prevent the machine from being rebuilt.

After King Alexandros imprisoned the Sea Goddess, the only way to break the family curse, is if the King's daughters find the Elemental Orbs. He built the Elemental Machine in hopes to increased his power. However, upon obtaining the Wood Orb, the increased power only led the Sea Goddess to break free from her imprisonment. The machine was destroyed upon releasing the Sea Goddess and the remains likely still lie at the bottom of the sea.

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