Eric de Montafleur is a major character in the ninth Dark Parables game, Queen of Sands. He is the Baron of the town of Montafleur and the heir of the Montafleur perfume dynasty.

Eric is based on the Beast from the French fairytale, Beauty and the Beast.

Appearance and Personality Edit

At the beginning of Queen of Sands, Eric de Montafleur had the appearance of a human-lion hybrid. He was covered in tan fur with a mane of golden brown hair surrounding his face. His facial features were that of a lion, with his eyes being a bright yellow. His body was muscular, and his legs having the arched appearance of a digitigrade animal. He also had thick, sharp, black claws on his hands and feet. In his beastly form, Eric wore a leather covering over his lower torso that ends in strips of leather that hang over his thighs.

As a human, Eric has straight, shoulder-length blond hair and gray eyes. He is usually seen in regal attire befitting his station but after his curse was broken he wore only a plain brown tunic that had been shredded at the bottom.

History Edit

Eric was born the only son of Hubert de Montafleur and his wife, Adelle. Eric's mother died when he was very young and his father was a distant parent, spending most of his time in his study.

After his father died, Eric opened a bottle, unknowingly releasing Mab from her prison. In her rage of being trapped for so long, the Queen of Sands cursed Eric to take the form of a beast.

Relationships Edit

Quotes Edit

Quotes by Eric de Montafleur Edit

  • "What have you done?! All of my efforts... Ruined!"
  • "Forgive me, Detective. I let my rage consume me."
  • "Don't let this beastly appearance deceive you. I am actually Baron Eric de Montafleur."
  • "It's my duty to protect the people of this town."
  • "It was my father's act of greed that brought this misfortune upon us all."
  • "Stay back! I can't hold it in any longer!"
  • "Please, my locket is in the library. Find it, before my mind is lost!"
  • "Now go! BEGONE!"
  • "My father gave me this locket. It's the only thing that keeps the beast within me sealed and my mind intact."
  • "This town knew nothing of my father's treachery. I alone should bear Mab's fury."
  • "Our situation has worsened, but there still may be hope!"
  • "Come, Detective, let's end this!"
  • "This is the place our tragedy began. It seems fitting it should end here as well."
  • "I am eternally in your debt."

Quotes about Eric de Montafleur Edit

  • "Eric looks troubled. I hope I haven't pried too deeply."
  • "He's barely holding his anger down. I have to help him!"

Gallery Edit

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