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The power to manipulate the element of fire.

Effects Edit

  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to summon and manipulate fire itself.
  • Incineration: By just touching an object, a user of fire magic can summon enough heat to turn an item red and instantly incinerate it, turning it into ash.
  • Enhance Weapons: Only Ross has shown the power to make his sword emit flames to deliver more harm to his enemies.
  • Fire Protection: It appears Ross can choose who his fire burns, as Rapunzel wasn't affected by Ross' flames which instantly incinerated the Tiara of Reverie on her head.

Sources Edit

  • Goddess' Blessing: The Guardian of the Fiery Rosa has the power to control fire.
  • Witchcraft: Those who learn the secrets of witchcraft can learn how to wield this element.

Notable Bearers Edit