Flora's Crown is an object that plays a minor role in the eleventh Dark Parables game, Swan Princess and the Dire Tree.

Appearance Edit

The crown appears to be a bright gold-colored metal in the shape of roses, flowers, and other plant forms so it looks like a wreath.

History Edit

The crown has been owned by Flora, presumably since the dawn of time. The crown is shown in all depictions of Flora in Ballad of Rapunzel.

Interestingly, when she's shrunken into Thumbelina, Flora's crown changes into a small wreath of twigs instead of flowers. It's possible the crown only has limited power on its own, which are most likely gained from being near Flora, and not being the source of her powers.

The crown is stolen by Elise when she kills Flora and is last seen at the end of The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree. Flora has it back, so she somehow found it after Elise fell from the Dire Tree.

Mechanics Edit

The crown seems to grant unstable power over nature to its wearer. Elise is shown to become merged with nature itself when she wears the crown, and has to undergo a transformation before she can even use the powers. The crown also appears to affect one's mental health and possibly amplify obsession. The only wearer that can deal with these effects is Flora, who is always shown in a state of calm.

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