The Flower Spirits are minor characters that come together to create a minor obstacle in The Final Cinderella.

Appearance and Personality Edit

All three spirits are small in stature, with vibrant, luminescent bodies, and swirling patterns that run up and down their exteriors. Their beady eyes glow, and their arms are flowing and tentacle-like with a similar, trailing tail instead of legs (which is appropriate, as these beings hover). Their heads are large and adorned with flower petals like a grand headdress.

The first spirit has royal blue skin and a lily head. The second is deep scarlet with a rose head. The third is a rich golden yellow with a tulip head.

The spirits are passive in nature and never interact with the Detective. They wish to keep people out of the Forbidden Grove, but it is unclear if it is for the protection of others or if they were sent by Amelia to keep the Final Cinderella's prison safe.

History Edit

The Fairytale Detective encounters the spirits in the Mirror World. To get past them, the Detective has to give them their corresponding flowers; a tulip, rose and lily. Once these are delivered, they part the roots, granting access to the grove.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Nature Manipulation: The spirits can manipulate the movements of roots and create a barricade of vines and roots to keep people out.
  • Levitation: The spirits can float in the air.

Gallery Edit

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