Flowerstones appeared in the seventh Dark Parables game, Ballad of Rapunzel. They are collectable objects, similar to the pieces collected in order to read Parables. Collecting them all enables the player to trade them in for the Glenys Jewel, which activates the "Happily Ever After", "Good Ending" or the "Sword" ending in the game but once you forget, you can't find them again. Flowerstones bypass the player's inventory and are kept logged in the Fairytale Detective's Journal.

Story behind the Flowerstones Edit

Believed to be the crystallized tears of the Goddess Flora, Flowerstones are extremely rare and can only be found in Floralia. The stones are considered to bring luck, and legend holds that something extraordinary occurs when all are collected.

Flowerstones Edit

The 20 different Flowerstones are shown here in the order they can be collected throughout the game, along with the official name for the room they are located in.

Detective's Journal: Flowerstone Pages Edit