Flying Monkeys are winged monkeys used by Mother Gothel to do her bidding. They are based on the Flying Monkeys from L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz series.

Appearance Edit

Gothel's flying monkeys have blue skin and dark wings. Otherwise, they look just like a normal monkey. They wear little matching uniforms with a brown satchel.

Field Notes Edit

Gerda encounters the flying monkeys while searching for Kai in the wooded areas around Floralia. They are spying on her progress and presumably reporting back to their mistress, Mother Gothel. One also kidnaps Thumbelina once Gerda and Gwyn awaken her. Gerda, Gwyn, Kai and Thumbelina make their escape, leaving the flying monkeys alive and well in Mother Gothel's service.

Origins Edit

The Dark Parables series doesn't tell us anything about the origins of the flying monkeys, but they seem to be identical to those encountered in L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz books. Their origin is likely similar to the origin given in those books, where they are said to be creatures that were once free, but have been enslaved by the Wicked Witch in this case Gothel.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Flight: Obviously, the ability to fly is useful.
  • Form a Cohesive Army: We only see a couple in Dark Parables, but we know from common lore of flying monkeys that there are usually great numbers of them and they are comfortable working in groups.
  • Obedience: In Baum's original works, the flying monkeys are under a curse that makes them follow the Wicked Witch's orders, regardless of their own wishes.

Gallery Edit

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