The Forbidden Chamber is one of the locations in the Dark Parables bonus game Trusty John and King Bluebeard. It is a chamber that holds an enchanting portrait of the Sea Goddess.

History Edit

The Forbidden Chamber is a sacred, enchanted and hidden place inside the Kingdom of Kokkino. It was once accessible only by Bluebeard's father, who protected it fiercely. The chamber held a portrait of the Sea Goddess Thalassa that was capable of enchanting any member of the direct Kokkino royal line who happened to lay eyes on it. How or when the portrait developed this ability - and why - is currently unknown.

Knowing the power this portrait could hold over his son, the old King made his adviser promise not to ever let Bluebeard enter the Forbidden Chamber. However, after the King's death, Bluebeard found a way to get the adviser out of Kokkino and immediately made a move on the Chamber.

Once he beheld the portrait, King Bluebeard fell in love with it and became obsessed. He would spend hours staring at it - so much so that his wife, Heloise, became curious about what the Forbidden Chamber held. One of the times her husband left the kingdom, Heloise snuck into the Chamber and found the portrait. When she confronted her husband about the portrait and asked why he was obsessed with it, Bluebeard reacted with fury and murdered her. Her body was placed in the Forbidden Chamber, beside the portrait of Thalassa.

In time, Bluebeard married again, but his obsession over the portrait had not waned. It was only inevitable that his second wife would also find the Chamber and the portrait - and now, the decaying body of his first wife, as well. Queen Eleonore was understandably upset about these findings. When she confronted her husband about them and accused him of murdering Queen Heloise, Bluebeard murdered her as he had done with his first wife. Her body was also placed in the Forbidden Chamber, beside Heloise's.

Bluebeard married two more times, to Queens Isaure and Judith, but the same fate befell both of those women, as well. Finding the Chamber, telling the husband, and then dead. Their bodies were also added to the Forbidden Chamber - making it a macabre cross between a tomb and a shrine to the Sea Goddess.

The Forbidden Camber was probably destroyed with the rest of Kokkino.

Notable Residents Edit

Gallery Edit

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