The Force Crystal plays a minor role in the eleventh Dark Parables game, The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree.

The Force Crystal does not seem to be based on any known fairytale.

Appearance and Mechanics Edit

The Force Crystal appears to be a large crystal without any real distinguishing characteristics, apart from a strong magical aura.

The crystal possesses strong disruptive power, the likes of which were beyond the comprehension of those residing in the Swan Kingdom. When charged fully, it is capable of weakening even the fiercest of creatures. Further testing of the crystal has been prevented by the crystal's untimely demise at the hands of the Fairytale Detective.

History Edit

The Force Crystal was found at the bottom of Swan Lake. Its history before that point is currently unknown.

Once brought up from the depths, it seems the crystal was kept by the Swan Guard and used as a means of controlling prisoners of the Swan Kingdom. The crystal's powers allowed them to restrain and control even the strongest of creatures - and sicken mere humans.

After being used in such a manner to weaken and imprison Ross Red, the crystal was stolen by the Fairytale Detective, who used it to save the area around Swan Lake from Princess Elise's murderous rampage of villainous vines.

The crystal seemed to have disintegrated once it was thrust into a piece of stone marked with esoteric symbols appearing to be ancient runes. The artifact is assumed to be currently destroyed.

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