Glass Slippers are seen many times in the Dark Parables universe. We first encounter them in the second game, The Exiled Prince. They appear in many more games after that, usually relating to one or more Cinderellas.

Appearance and Mechanics Edit

As the name would suggest, the glass slippers are high-heeled shoes made entirely out of glass. They usually have a blue or crystalline appearance and are decorated with gold and ornate designs. Of course, variations on this theme do exist.

Most glass slippers in the Dark Parables universe are encountered as only one of a pair. In The Final Cinderella, we learn that a pair of glass slippers can be used for magical purposes. It's unclear if this only applies to that particular pair, or if this is a common trait with all glass slippers. Aside from that pair, and the cursed shoes made by Amelia, it seems that glass slippers are largely ornamental and symbolic, as opposed to being actual magical devices.

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