The Moon Goddess

In the Dark Parables universe, there are many Goddesses that we encounter. Goddesses are powerful immortal beings who possess supreme power over certain forms of life, like the moon, sea, nature, or the purity of maidens. Goddesses are mysterious beings and have been worshiped by many civilizations across the globe.

Known Goddesses Edit

The Moon Goddess Edit

The Moon Goddess is benevolent and very kind. She has a deep love for Earth, its people, and the fairies. She has given the people of Earth many gifts over time (the Moonstones, the ability to dream, etc.) She would bless the children who were pure of heart on every Silver Moon to be a Golden Child, thus she has had a hand in many tales. She is the sister of the Sun and Maiden Goddesses. Her patron Kingdom is Olesia.

The Maiden Goddess Edit

The Maiden Goddess is introduced in The Final Cinderella. She cannot interact with the human world, so she chooses magic users who are pure of heart to be her handmaidens. They can detect Cinderellas and use the Magic Glass Wand to wield powerful magic. Their good deeds from helping Cinderellas earned them the title of 'Godmother' (this appears to be separate from the Fairy Godmothers who blessed Briar Rose and Ivy). Each Godmother expresses their abilities differently. After the last Godmother chosen by the Maiden Goddess turned evil, The Maiden Goddess confiscated the wand and vowed to never pick another handmaiden again. She is the little sister of the Moon and Sun Goddesses.

The Goddess Flora Edit


Goddess Flora

Flora is the Goddess of flowers and the Guardian of the balance of nature. She picks certain children to be Guardians of flowers and grants the children immortality. These Guardians are usually of royal blood, and the Guardians have had parents who worshiped the Goddess. Without her flower Guardians, Flora becomes weak and turns into a powerless child. She is the patron Goddess of the Kingdom of Floralia, and is one of only two Goddesses introduced in the series to be given a name to date.

The Sea Goddess Edit

The Sea Goddess, Thalassa, is the patron Goddess of both Kokkino and Prasino. History has proved her to be as benevolent as she can be vindictive. She is one of only two Goddesses so far to be given a name. For more information about the Sea Goddess, click here.

The Sun Goddess Edit

The Sun Goddess is introduced in Goldilocks and the Fallen Star. She is the sister of the Moon and Maiden Goddesses, and a powerful (though roughly reclusive and some what cold) Goddess in her own right. She is the patron Goddess of Barsia.