The Golden Crown is an inventory item in the second Dark Parables game, The Exiled Prince. It is given to the player upon successful completion of the game. If the player begins the game again, this time playing in Hard Mode, they can use the Golden Crown to access previously unavailable areas in the game.

History Edit

In the underground caverns, after being trapped by the Frog Prince, there's a door with a frog emblem on it. This emblem is missing its crown. Once you place the crown on the frog, the door opens, allowing the player to enter a room containing Princess Ivy's tomb.

A plaque on the tomb reads, "Sister Ivy and Sister Briar Rose: Release the spirit of one and you shall free the other." The back wall of this room is covered in a sheet of ice. We also find a "Secret Tree Disc" lying on the floor.

It's some time before we're able to use the tree disc we found; it fits into a slot beside a door in the room with the gigantic tree. Putting the disc in this slot opens the door, and the player gains access to a secret portrait room. Inside are the portraits of all five of Prince James' wives, in mo particular order, along with a plaque dedicated to each one.

The portrait and plaque dedicated to Snow White are frozen over and cannot be seen or read. There's also a spirit standing in the room when we enter. It appears to be Snow White, but the image disappears as soon as we click on it.

There really is little point to playing through the game a second time to access these areas if you have the Collector's Edition of the game. Princess Ivy's tomb is revisited again in the bonus game, The Frozen Lair, and the portrait room doesn't show us anything that can't be gleaned from this very page.

Portrait Inscriptions Edit

  • Odette: Your elegance and grace have forever captured my heart.
  • Agnes Koch: Princess Cinderella, you taught me that even the most common woman can have the heart of a queen.
  • Princess Naida: My darling from the sea, I will treasure the life we have shared.
  • Princess Ivy: Princess Ivy, my first love. How I yearned to be with you forever.
  • Snow White: Snow White's portrait inscription is frozen over and cannot be read.

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