Hey, nobody's perfect! Developers make mistakes, too - and that's what we've collected here. These are the Goofs and Oddities seen throughout the Dark Parables series.

There's many reasons why an inconsistency might occur in games like Dark Parables:

  • Normal Changes in the Game During Development. This is often the case for why teasers from one game seem inconsistent with the very game they're teasing us about.
  • Simple Oversights. A lot of mistakes are just that - minor mistakes. Typos, mis-wordings, graphical errors.
  • Retroactive Continuity. Called "retconning" by most fandoms, this occurs when previously established facts are changed later in a series in order to allow for new storyline developments.
  • Laziness. Sad to say, everyone's prone to a bit of laziness now and then - even developers.
  • Mind-bogglingly Unknown Reasons. Let's face it. Some of this stuff just doesn't make sense.

These goofs and oddities are arranged by the games they take place in.

Curse of Briar Rose Edit

  • Briar Rose informs us at the end of the game that we're now needed to investigate the Frog Prince. She says that his curse will cause the world to be submerged in water. The Exiled Prince, however, has nothing to do with the world being submerged - or water-related dangers of any kind.

The Exiled Prince Edit

  • We are presented with multiple "orders" of James' wives. The only two things all three listed orders agree on is that Princess Ivy was first and Snow White was last.
  • In the Detective's Journal, the entry pertaining to Snow White's Princess Room mentions a "well-crafted carriage". There is no such carriage in Snow White's room - the carriage is in Cinderella's Princess Room.
  • There are a few typos within the game and its accompanying guide, though thankfully they are rare. One such spelling error is on page 52 of the guide (within Chapter 10), line 5, and states that "The puzzle will only activate if you have all 6 of the PANT POTIONS".

The Final Cinderella Edit

  • The beanstalk seen on the other side of the Pumpkin Grove has giant footprints at the base of it. This works as a good teaser for the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk - but not so much for the game of Jack and the Sky Kingdom, which doesn't involve giants at all.

Jack and the Sky Kingdom (Beta) Edit

  • One of the images of Jack is missing in the beta game, resulting in Jack being replaced by a white square after the player administers the healing potion from inside the cottage.

Jack and the Sky Kingdom Edit

  • The names and images of the Aries and Pisces emblems used in the device that lowers the King's force field are switched.
  • The bonus game teaser window (viewed when the bonus game is clicked on before the player has completed the main game) shows images from the bonus game in the center window. One of these images is actually from The Oriental Cinderella, the bonus game from The Final Cinderella.

Ballad of Rapunzel Edit

  • Queen Violante's tomb was originally meant to be a Pop-up Note that expands to fill the screen when the player clicks on it. However, before the final release, the tombstone was changed. Because the game still registers it as a pop-up note that needs to be opened, it keeps the player from ever unlocking the Achievement earned by opening every pop-up note.

The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide Edit

Queen of Sands Edit

  • In one of the biggest goofs of the series, the storyline of the bonus game, The Seven Ravens, directly contradicts information we learn about Mab in the Parables of the main game. However, it is possible that due to the fact that the event in the bonus game happened long ago, the details about Mab becoming the Sandman changed along with the time.

Goldilocks and the Fallen Star Edit

  • The opening video tells us the game is presented by "Eipix Entertrainment".
  • The lake is referred to as Lake Symytyr when the Detective finds the map of the area.
  • Many typos and examples of bad grammar (particularly missing "the"s) plague the Parables in both the main game and the bonus game. These issues have been corrected in the Parables on this wiki.

The Golden Slumber Edit

  • We're introduced to a new Golden Child, despite the fact that Gerda is likely still alive and new Golden Children are only meant to come along every 100 years on a Silver Moon. We're also given a new origin story for this Golden Child, being told he is "of the Golden Child bloodline" and wasn't chosen by the Moon Goddess on a Silver Moon anyway.

The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree Edit

  • When Ross told the Detective a way to defeat the Swan Princess, which is to fight her on the top of the Dire Tree, he told her that he'll see the Detective on top of the lake. What he meant to say was to meet him on top of the Dire Tree.

A Fable of Two Hearts Edit

  • Odette's appearance was mistaken for Princess Agnes Koch, James' second wife.
  • Also, if Odette's outfit was meant to look like Agnes', then she shouldn't have long sleeves. However, when we got a chance to see her hands, she had long black sleeves which could've confused Odette for Odile.
  • Forgotten a word in Odette's thoughts when she confronted the traitor of the swans. She stated that she will execute the man, but forgiveness is out of the question. The forgotten word was "not" between will and execute.

The Thief and the Tinderbox Edit

  • Kai's blue eyes and blond hair when it should have been brown eyes and light brown hair.
  • Snow White's oddly old age when she should have stayed young as an immortal.
  • Snow White's rather odd blondish-grey hair when it should have been brown.
  • The gender of Snow White's eagle. Snow White called it "him" while the Detective called it "she".
  • During a cut-scene as Kai makes his last wish, the players can see Snow White's black sleeves that was meant to be covered by the sleeves of her light blue jacket.
  • The parable states that Gerda has green eyes when she has blue eyes. The state of having green eyes was probably put there for the sake of story plot.

Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat Edit

  • If the Humpty Dumpty link on the Main Menu is clicked before the main game is completed, the player sees a title screen for the bonus game. While the text reads "Humpty Dumpty" and has a blurb relating to the events in the Cursery games, the background image, graphical frame and screenshots are all from The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
  • Clicking on Laurent's remains before clearing the birds away results in the same text that appears after the encounter with Laurent's ghost: "The ghost begged me to save his fiancee, Amely, from the Crooked Man."
  • Clicking on the locked gates in Mirage Path after opening the way to the Crooked House results in the text "SCENE 05 BLOCKED PATHS AGAIN" at the top of the screen.
  • The Videos folder for the game contains several videos that consist of a black screen with "Cut Scene W.I.P." on them.

Cursery: Humpty Dumpty Edit

  • One of Amely's observations tells of M. Gregoire Borde and how he bought the Chateau and intended to rebuild it. She later finds a portrait of the Borde family and ponders to herself, "I wonder who the "Borde Family" was?" It's possible it was just a stupid question by the creators to give us a good laugh.

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