Gretel is a minor character in the Dark Parables bonus game, Hansel and Gretel. She is the sister of the main protagonist, Hansel, and rescuing her from the Evil Witch is the object of the game.

Gretel is based on Gretel from the German fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Gretel is a cute little girl with long brown hair. She wears a dark purple dress and white pinafore.

Gretel is an innocent, naive girl. When they catch sight of the Gingerbread House, she charges off to it eagerly, not waiting for her brother or watching for danger. It is this naivety that gets her captured by the Evil Witch.

History Edit

Gretel was born the daughter of a poor woodcutter and had one sibling, a brother named Hansel. Her birth mother died while Gretel was still very young and her father remarried a woman who cared very little for her new stepchildren. As a result, Gretel's stepmother abandoned the little girl and her brother in the Ogre Forest.

Hansel and Gretel found a house made entirely of gingerbread in the forest, and Gretel raced to it. However, she was caught up by an Evil Witch, who intended to cook her up in stew for dinner. The witch took Gretel into the Gingerbread House and locked her inside a glass cage.

Thankfully, Gretel's brother came to her rescue, defeating the witch and even saving the entire forest by freeing the Moon Goddess. After these heroic efforts, Hansel brought Gretel home. Their wicked stepmother ran away, never to be seen again, and the two children were welcomed home with open arms by their loving father.

Quotes Edit

Quotes by Gretel Edit

  • "The forest looks different... darker, somehow, now that we're lost."
  • "Let's find a way home, brother."
  • "She left us here, didn't she? Mother wanted us lost for good."
  • "Do you smell that? Burnt sugar. Cinnamon cloves. And ginger?"
  • "Hansel, look! A house! Made of... gingerbread!"
  • "Hansel! The witch said she'll boil me in tonight's stew!"
  • "Save me, Hansel! I don't want to be eaten by the witch!"

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