The Griffin is a legendary beast that appears in the bonus game, The Boy Who Cried Wolf. He is based on the gryphons of mythology.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Griffin is a magnificent hybrid of an eagle and a lion. It has the head, wings and talons of an eagle and the hind legs and tail of a lion. It is twice as big as a draft horse. The Griffin has a mane of white feathers edged with dark teal feathers and matching feather eyebrows on his golden eyes. Its body is covered in golden brown fur and feathers with long, pale sea-green wings and a teal lion tail.

The Griffin is a smart, kind beast who will remember a good deed and gladly repay it. At first, it was hot-tempered and hostile towards people but it was because it was enslaved and starved by humans.

History Edit

The Griffin was caught by the Greedy King's men and chained outside the city on a hill. The griffin was starved by its captors, possibly to break its spirit. The Boy Who Cried Wolf found the griffin and granted its trust by feeding it a fish and unlocking its chains. Later, the boy and his father were saved from certain death at the claws of the mist wolves by the same griffin, who then delivered them to safety and presumably continued its life.

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