Guida is a major character and an antagonist in the thirteenth Dark Parables game, Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow. She is a devoted priestess and follower of the Shadow God.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Guida is a normal-looking black cat with endearing yellow eyes (even though the Parables say otherwise). She wears a collar with scraps of red material hanging off of it and a long red ribbon tied around her tail.

In her human form, Guida has blue eyes and a long black braid that greatly resembles her tail. She wears a patterned black and red shawl over a ragged black dress, black boots and metal claw-like nails. The upper half of her face is covered in dark makeup.

Guida is devoted to her owner the Shadow God to the point of fanatical - she is quite prepared to kill anyone who she sees as a threat to her master.

History Edit

Guida was born the seventh cat in her litter, although her siblings and mother were white, she was born black. Because Anaben had a strong superstition against black cats, she was left in the forest to die. The Shadow God heard her cries, and took her in as his pet. She became his closest friend, and did anything he wished. One day, he found a way to give Guida human form, and though he insisted she live a free life, she chose to remain his companion. When the Shadow God was broken into two halves by the Maiden Goddess, Guida became furious and instantly joined the Brotherhood so she could revive her master.

Guida interrupted Count Leofric as he began the ritual and demanded he hand her the candle. When the Count refused, Guida turned him to stone without as much as a warning.

She then completed the ritual by reciting words to release the shadow pieces in order for them to return to the Candle Maker, making the Shadow God whole again. After the ritual was complete, she opened a portal to the Shadow World and went through, followed by the Shadow God shortly after. In the Shadow World, Guida and the Shadow God needed the third artifact, intending to entrap the Maiden Goddess to achieve it.

Guida confronted the Detective many times, determined to keep her from interrupting her plans. After the Maiden Goddess was captured, Guida destroyed the bridge to allow Leofric's Henchman to fall to his death.

Near the end of the game, Guida is transformed back into a cat by the Shadow God. In Out of the Shadows, Arne is trying to help her become a human again.

What happened to Guida is unknown, but it is implied that she is still alive.

Relevant Parables Edit

The Cat of Shadows (from Out of the Shadows)

Since ancient times, the people of Anaben believed in the superstition that black cats brought misfortune and misery. In one peaceful household, there lived a cat white as snow. One day, she had a litter: six pure white kittens, but the seventh was as black as the night, with mesmerizing blue eyes. The cat's owner was horrified when he saw the shadowy kitten, so he took it away and left it in the woods. The blind kitten mewled, crying out for her mother. By fate, a mysterious figure was passing by and heard the tiny kitten's cries. It was the Shadow God. He took pity on her, and cradled her in his arms. He named her Guida and kept her at his side ever since. One day, a thought occured to him. He forged a beautiful ruby necklace and put it around the cat's neck, and before he knew it, a blue-eyed lady stood before him. 'You cared so deeply for me, now it is time for me to return the favor', said Guida. The Shadow God insisted she should be free to go wherever she desired, but she refused, wishing only to serve him. Not long after, the Shadow God was split and destroyed by the Sun and Moon Goddesses. With her beloved Shadow God gone, Guida swore to restore him at any cost, believing her hero had been betrayed by his lover and her sisters. She turned back into a cat, and plotted revenge on the Maiden Goddess and her two sisters.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Shape shifting: With her ruby necklace, Guida can shift between her cat and human forms.
  • Teleportation: She can summon portals and utilize them freely.
  • Stone Gaze: She can turn her victims to stone and cause them to shatter.

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Quotes Edit

Quotes by Guida Edit

  • "Order! By obeying me, you obey the Shadow!"
  • "Spirit of Darkness, heed your disciples' call! Rise in all of your glory! Don't let the shadows fall! Centuries have passed, with you lurking in the night. Now it's time to spread your wings, together we will fight!"
  • "Tsk, tsk. You really are quite stubborn, aren't you?"
  • "You cannot stop my master - you're nothing but a minor pest!"
  • "If you're not with the Shadow, you're against him."

Quotes about Guida Edit

  • "My cat... It's afraid of the dark, you see. That's why I have to light all the candles." - Candle Maker
  • "Am I imagining things, or is this cat following me?" - Fairytale Detective

Trivia Edit

  • Guida is ironically a name that means "guide" in Tuscany.
  • Ironically, Guida was the seventh kitten who was deemed unlucky - the number seven is usually considered lucky.
  • It is implied she has a love interest towards Shadow God.

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