The Harpy Queen is a minor character first seen in the eleventh Dark Parables bonus game, A Fable of Two Hearts. She is the leader of the Harpies and seeks to take over the Swan Kingdom.

The Harpy Queen is based on the traditional Harpy from Greek and Roman mythology.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Harpy Queen appeared the same as any other Harpy, though she was presumably larger and more powerful. She had the body of a woman, with the wings, talons and legs of a large predatory bird. Like all other harpies, she had blue hair that she wore in a long, thick braid.

The Harpy Queen was a fierce warrior with animalistic instincts and a strong drive for revenge on those who had wronged her and her kind; namely, the Swan Guard.

History Edit

Long ago, the Harpy Queen managed to persuade the Traitor of the Guard to help free her, and the other harpies, from their prison. She was defeated by the Swan Princess, Odette.

Relationships Edit

Gallery Edit

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