Humpty Dumpty is a minor character and the main antagonist in the Dark Parables spin-off bonus game Cursery: Humpty Dumpty.

He is based on the English nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

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Before he ate the Gluttonous Fruit, Gregoire Borde was a normal man, with black hair and a mustache and possibly well fit. He always dressed to the nines, loving to show off his wealth and status. After he ate the Fruit, he became a creepy and grotesque monster with an enormous mouth and numerous sharp teeth. He was forced to wrap himself in bandages, due to the cracks that formed easily in his skin.

Even before the Gluttonous Fruit, Gregoire Borde was a glutton who did nothing but eat ever more elaborate and exotic foods. Once the Fruit turned him into a monster, his gluttonous ways took him over completely. Whatever love he felt for his family dissolved away and he swallowed both of them whole, becoming a true monster to his very core.

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