James and ivy 2

James remains young while his wife ages and dies

Immortality is the ability to live forever in a state of eternal youth. The Fairytale Detective encounters numerous immortal beings throughout her many adventures. Longevity, the ability to live for an extremely long time, is a lesser form of immortality.

Specifics Edit

Immortality differs slightly from person to person. In the Dark Parables universe, immortals possess an eternal lifespan, an immunity to illnesses and they remain eternally young. However, most immortals can be killed by a powerful enough force like Belladonna's deadly touch. Immortality can be both a blessing and a curse. As immortals, the Goddesses and the Guardians can use their gifts to keep the world in balance with no fear or worry of seeking a suitable replacement. Prince James is the living embodiment of the dark side of eternal life as he had to watch his mortal brides die again and again, forever kept from joining them in death.

Effects Edit

  • Eternal Life: Immortal beings possess an eternal life and will never die as they no longer possess a limited lifespan. Though they can be killed by certain artifacts and powers, immortals will never succumb to a natural death.
  • Eternal Youth: Immortals stop aging at a certain point and remain that age for the rest of eternity. Immortals are free from the pains of aging as it would be a pain to spend eternity with arthritis or other such ailments.
  • Curse Altering: Ivy sacrificed her immortality to restore James' human form. This act altered the Frog Prince's curse so that any maiden who truly loves James can break the spell with a kiss. It is possible that one of the perks to immortality is an ability to break or alter other forms of magic.

Sources Edit

  • Birth: Various magical creatures are born with immortality, most notably Goddesses.
  • Divine Blessing: Flora is known for bestowing her guardians with eternal life and youth. Other Goddesses may have the same power.
  • Mermaid Tears: People, including the mysterious evil witch, have chased mermaids to gain immortality. Mermaid tears can also create fertile, lush land perfect for farming.
  • Golden Blood: By draining a golden child of his/her blood, a mortal can gain immortality. However, it takes more than one golden child to achieve this. Rasputin had already drained a golden child of her blood prior to The Thief and the Tinderbox but still needed Gerda, another golden child, to gain eternal life and youth.
  • Tinderbox: By becoming the spirit of the tinderbox, a person will cease aging and live forever until he/she is replaced by another.

Notable Bearers Edit

  • Goddesses/Gods: Gods and Goddesses are naturally immortal so that they maintain balance in their respected fields in life and nature and look after those who worship them.
  • Guardians: The Goddess Flora grants her Guardians immortality at birth so that they may aid her in her duties for eternity.
  • Mermaids: Mermaids are immortal and they can grant immortality through their tears. The Princesses of Prasino were cursed to take the form of mermaids and in this form, they could live forever. Many of the sisters died at different times, depending on which time period they became mortal.
  • James (formerly, deceased): His true love's sacrifice granted James eternal life. Yet seeing his brides die and knowing he would never see them again drove him to madness.