Fl inspector journal

The Fabled Inspector's journal in Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper is split into four sections, arranged by the gameplay objective type.

The Dark Piper Edit

If I am to hunt down the Dark Pied Piper I will need to get past this tree to go into the town.

I saw the Dark Piper! His magical flute summoned vermin to block me further. There must be a way to get past these rats!

The Piper spoke to a mysterious figure and they both left hurriedly. He threw something of value onto the lake.

I'm trapped by the Dark Piper! Now I've fallen into this artificially constructed cave. I've got to escape!

The Piper doesn't want me snooping around this abandoned building. I'll need to remove these pesky vermin to explore further.

The Viceroy slayed the Duke and his men then hid inside the vault. I must apprehend him!

The Viceroy Piper is delivering the mock up flutes to other towns. Stop him now!

The Piper succumbed to the rats. I must destroy the crate of piper flutes.

The Dark Piper likely scurried back into the clocktower. I must chase him down!

Town's Mysteries Edit

The horses are stirred up! This is not normal. What is behind these stable doors?

There is a billow of black smoke from under the ground. Could there be a secret passage below?

The smoke is caused by a combination ... and what is causing the smoke?

From this entry, it seems the smoke can cause rats to become infested with plague! Who would want to poison this town?

The note matches the name of the Viceroy. He was the one who ordered the poison! Discover his whereabouts.

The Viceroy is the Dark Pied Piper. He was the one who stole the Pied Piper's Flute! I must find out more about him.

The Viceroy hated the Duke and his 'kind'. He vowed to destroy him and the others, but why?

The Viceroy was from a lineage of Gypsies persecuted by the Duke and other nobles. He plans to wipe them all out, but how?

The Viceroy plans to send mock up Piper flutes to other towns and trigger another Black Plague! I must stop him at any cost!

The Duke's Manifesto Edit

The Duke's Butler is unconscious! I must find a way to wake him up.

The Butler asks me to visit the Duke. He is at the mansion past the graveyard.

The Duke asks me to find a special key in the Vault. I don't know how it relates to the Dark Piper. Nevertheless I must go.

The Duke was working with the Viceroy, the Dark Piper, all along! Now he's ordered me to find the second vault key or risk my life.

The Duke was ultimately betrayed by his trusted Viceroy, who turns out to be a son of a persecuted Gypsy.

Grails Edit

I discovered a large mysterious raven statue here. It appears to hold a powerful grail inside.

This mysterious structure likely holds something of value inside.

I've found the Pied Piper's Flute. I need to find a gem that can trigger its power back again.

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