Journey of Atonement is the bonus gameplay content in the Collector's Edition of The Thief and the Tinderbox. In it, we play as Kai, who is traveling to the Edge of the World in order to rid the world of the Tinderbox forever.

Menu Text Edit

With Rasputin banished, the new Snowfall Kingdom was focused on rebuilding. Gwyn and Gerda ruled together as equals. But their young friend Kai was anxious with the Tinderbox around.

He could still feel the connections to it, and decided to take the brave step to be rid of such power.

Kai gathered a group of experienced seafarers, and set sail towards the Edge of the World.

Plot Edit

WARNING: This section contains massive spoilers! Read at your own risk!

The game opens with a montage voiced-over by Kai: "We banished Rasputin back into the Tinderbox. But nothing is safe from him, unless ... In my dreams, I saw a faraway island, at the edge of the world. Somewhere no one could ever find. I decided to find this place and take the Tinderbox there. Then the world would finally be safe."

We see Kai's ship is attacked by a giant eel and his entire crew is killed. Kai drifts in his broken ship, still determined to bring the Tinderbox to its final resting place.


An Old Friendship
There once was a botanist of the highest order named Mother Gothel, who held an ancient grudge against the Goddess Flora. If Gerda, Gwyn, and Kai had not disrupted her plan, she would have succeeded in destroying the Goddess. But with the Goddess Flora in full possession of her powers, Mother Gothel had to hide from her reach and lick her wounds. Years passed until one day she was seized by a strange connection with Kai, whom she had cursed in the past; she could feel that Kai was cursed again, but by something far more powerful than her magic. She immediately forged a plan: if she could have the item of such power, not even a Goddess could stand up to her. "Flora, you're mine!" she thought to herself, as she set sails towards the Snowfall Kingdom. Mother Gothel absorbed the energy from nature itself, allowing her to transform into a giant sea serpent. All that remained between her and the Tinderbox was Kai.

The Temple at the Edge of the World
Long ago, a ship was wrecked by a powerful storm at the very Edge of the World. Among the many survivors was a little boy whose father drowned while saving him. The survivors formed an island settlement, but throughout the winter, food was scarce and heat was rare, and no one wanted to take care of the child. The child became friends with animals, and chose to live with them instead of humans. When the survivors were rescued at last, the child remained behind on the island. Over a period of years, he deconstructed the settlement and reused the materials to create a temple. He had become a grown man by the time he slept in his temple for the first time, and that night he had a vision. He would dedicate the Temple at the Edge of the World to safekeeping the magic too dangerous for humans. He became the first Guardian, but not the last; many would sacrifice their freedom for the greater good in centuries to come.

Connections Edit

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