King Midas is a minor character learned about in the Dark Parables spin-off bonus game, Fabled Legends: The Midas Lair. His legendary Midas Touch (the power of turning anything he touches into gold) plays a key role in the game.

King Midas is based on the historical and mythological figure of King Midas.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Since we don't see King Midas in this bonus game, we can only go by the appearance he has in the statue that depicts him. As such, he was an older gentleman with a thin frame and a long, scraggly beard.

Traditionally, Midas is a greedy King who seeks out the power he acquires because he wishes to have more and more gold. His greed leads him to lose everything he truly treasures in life, including his very life itself.

History Edit

Not much is known about Midas' history. However, we can assume it follows relatively close to the traditional mythology surrounding King Midas.

King Midas was given the magical power of his Golden Touch by the Greek god Dionysus. Midas had helped Dionysus reunite with his foster father when the older satyr had gotten drunk and lost. Out of gratitude for this deed, Dionysus offered to give Midas anything he desired. Midas asked for the power to turn anything he touched to gold.

However, Midas very quickly found that this power was a curse and not the blessing he had hoped it would be. Everything King Midas touched turned to gold - including food, drink, and his beloved daughter.

The game does not explain what happened after that point, but it clearly variates from the mythological basis of the tale. Somehow, a golden statue is erected of Midas and his daughter that can reverse the magical power of the Golden Midas Touch. Midas' throne is also imbued with the power to transfer the Golden Midas Touch to anyone who sits in it.

When the Stranger begins the process of absorbing the power, the Fabled Inspector completes the statue and reverses the process, causing the Stranger to turn into solid gold and preventing anyone further from taking on the curse of the Midas Touch.

Relationships Edit

  • Unnamed Daughter
  • The Golden Knight (personal guard)

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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