Laurent is a minor character encountered in the Dark Parables spin-off game, Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat. He is the deceased fiancé of Amely and his ghost urges the protagonist to rescue her in his stead.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Laurent's actual appearance is hard to determine precisely, due to his remains being long decomposed, and his ghost being cast in a purely blue light. From what we can tell, he was a handsome young man with shaggy hair, though the coloring of it is unknown.

He was a loving man who, even in death, could not rest until he knew his beloved fiancée was safe.

History Edit

Laurent was engaged to a beautiful girl named Amely, who was pregnant with his child, Prewitt. While traveling through a dark forest, Amely was abducted by the Crooked Man. Laurent searched for her, but his efforts led to his death. He was presumably killed by the Crooked Man, and his remains were left in the forest where Amely was taken.

Unable to rest knowing his fiancee was still in danger, Laurent's ghost haunted the place where he died. When Renee's sibling encountered his remains in the forest, Laurent's spirit begged him to rescue Amely and give her his pocket watch to remember him by. Once she received the pocket watch, Amely hurriedly raced off to find Laurent.

Quotes Edit

  • "Take my pocket watch and give it to Amely, my fiancee."
  • "Please, I beg of you: Save Amely from the Crooked Man!"

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