Leofric's Henchman is a minor character seen in the thirteenth Dark Parables game, Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow. He is an underling of Count Leofric's and a member of the secret Brotherhood of Anaben.

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The Henchman is a tall, strongly build man with black hair and a beard. He wears dark red clothes and thick black gloves.

The Henchman is a dangerous brute who is prepared to hurt even a woman like the Fairytale Detective as well as disloyal and greedy - he only joined the Brotherhood in the hopes of gaining powerful artifacts and quickly gave up the Brotherhood's secret meeting when the Detective bested him in combat.

History Edit

The Henchman was first seen with Count Leofric during his clandestine meeting with Joseph the Artifact Trader. When the Count saw that the Fairytale Detective had witnessed the meeting, he ordered the Henchman to deal with her; happy to oblige, the Henchman came to blows with the Detective but she ended up the victor and tied him up with ropes.

Beaten, the Henchman quickly declared he had decided to get out of the Brotherhood while he still could and revealed a secret meeting was planned for tonight. The Detective left him restrained in the warehouse but when she returned later she saw he had somehow managed to free himself.

The Henchman appeared a second time in the forest outside Anaben. Declared a traitor by Guida, the Henchman almost fell to his death where the priestess collapsed the bridge he was standing on. Saved by the Detective, the Henchman revealed that he had never intended to help the Brotherhood revive the Shadow God and was instead seeking the Bolide Shard. Declaring he would claim the Shard or die trying, the Henchman left and is never seen again.

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  • "Listen, I had my reasons for joining the Brotherhood. I've decided to get out while I still can."
  • "I don't have a special ring, so I've never attended [a meeting]."
  • "H-Hey! You're not just going to leave me here are you?"

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