Light Fairies are a kind of fairy that play a minor role in The Thumbelina Curse. Light Fairies are based on the international popular character of Fairies.

Appearance Edit

Light Fairies look like little glowing people with big butterfly wings.

Light Fairies are always laughing and are rather mischievous in nature.

History Edit

Coming soon...

Relationships Edit

Relevant Parables Edit

Thumbelina (from The Thumbelina Curse)
The power of a Goddess is never absolute, for it rises and falls in accordance to the faith she is bestowed. Such a decline befell Flora, the nature Goddess, forcing her to revert to a child's form. Weakened, Flora came across a wicked witch, whose curse shrunk the Goddess to fit in her wizened palm. The witch named her Thumbelina, intent on keeping her captive. Flora managed to escape, but in her vulnerable state, many more perils faced her. Powerless and lost, she was forced into marriage to a mole, but was saved by a kind swallow in the nick of time. Flora was taken to a floral fairyland where the Fairy Prince released her from the curse and allowed her to recuperate within his lands. Soon, Flora and the Prince fell in love. The Prince proposed, but Flora could only refuse, knowing her duty lay elsewhere. Though broken-hearted, the Prince gave his blessing and welcomed her to visit his lands whenever the need arose.

Quotes Edit

  • " A wicked witch had sworn revenge on Flora. She's set traps everywhere hoping to catch her. We must be careful."
  • "The last Princesses have gone, Floralia has fallen! The Goddess is vulnerable."
  • "Such news the wind carries! The Goddess Flora is weak, she cannot hold to her form. The natural balance is in danger!"

Gallery Edit

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