Longevity is the ability to live for a very long time. It is a lesser form of immortality. How long a person with this ability lives depends on the individual and/or the source from which they gained their longevity.

Effects Edit

  • Longevity: The very definition of longevity is living for a very long time.
  • Slow Aging: In most cases, longevity entails a slower aging process. While an immortal may cease aging at a certain age, most people with this power will age very slowly, but will grow old as their death approaches.

Sources Edit

  • Magic Beans: Hugh developed various beans, each possessing different powers. One type of bean grants an extraordinary lifespan.
  • Witchcraft: Witches can use magic to lengthen their lifespans. Achieving immortality is far more challenging.

Notable Bearers Edit

Magic Beans Edit

Witchcraft Edit

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