The Magic Glass Wand is a magical relic encountered in the fifth Dark Parables game, The Final Cinderella. It is a magic wand that was passed down from Godmother to Godmother to help them in assisting Cinderellas.

Appearance and Mechanics Edit

The Magic Glass Wand looks like a magic wand, with ornate gold scrolling and bright blue glass.

The Magic Glass Wand works like any glass wand. When waved at the object it is meant to be used on, magic will issue forth and purify an item - destroying evil, removing curses and magically imbuing an object with positive magic.

History Edit

The Magic Glass Wand was bestowed upon the first Godmother by the Maiden Goddess. It was used by that Godmother, and all that came after her, to help Cinderellas find their happily ever afters.

When Godmother Amelia turned evil after the death of her husband, the Magic Glass Wand was revoked by the Maiden Goddess and hidden inside of her temple. The practice of Godmothers was abolished.

The wand was found by the Fairytale Detective and used to save the world from the Puppet Master. What became of the wand after that is currently unknown as of now.

Gallery Edit

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