Magic Ribbons ​are the ribbons Princess Leda used to control her deadly Golden Touch.

Appearance and Mechanics Edit

The ribbons are made of two stands of the Sun Goddess' hair, and were created by a master craftsman able to weave them into ribbons. They have some sort of runes etched into their surface. They allow Leda to touch others without turning them into solid gold. Also, the magic ribbons appear to have mixed Greek letters on them.


Though Leda begged the Sun Goddess to get rid of her gift, the Sun Goddess just gave her two strands of her hair and challenged her to find a craftsman who could weave such materials. Leda searched the world, and she finally found the man she was looking for. He wove the hair stands into magical ribbons. Triumphantly she returned home to find that, during her travels, her father had died, and she had lost the crown. This did not discourage her, as her magic ribbons were worth it to be able to hug her loved ones again without any fear of turning them to solid gold.

Relevant Parables Edit

Magic Ribbons
Once upon a time, there was a Princess named Leda, who was blessed by the Sun Goddess with the gift of golden touch. But what was granted as a gift became a curse to the young Princess, as she couldn't touch a thing without turning it to solid gold. She cried a sea of tears, praying to her Goddess once more to help her get rid of the gift. "What is granted cannot be taken back that easily," the Sun Goddess said. "But, fret not, because for I hear your plea." Then the Goddess took two hairs from her golden braid and said, "Take this, my child, and look for a master craftsman who can use them as a weft to craft two magic ribbons to help contain your power." The young Princess traveled the world, searching for such a master weaver. One day, in a faraway land, she found a craftsman able to weave the ribbons. Her wandering had cost her the crown, but granted her the opportunity to hug her loved ones once again without a fear of turning them to gold.

Gallery Edit

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