Marianne is a minor character first seen in the Dark Parables spin-off game, Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat. She is a magical guide that assists the player in their journey.

Marianne is based on the nursery rhymes Mary Had a Little Lamb and Little Bo Peep.

Appearance and Personality Edit

We don't see much of Marianne's appearance. The only time she appears to the player in person, she is merely a silhouette against a glowing golden background. Through depictions of her, we can tell that she is meant to resemble Little Bo Peep.

Marianne is a kind woman who uses her magic for benevolent purposes. She seems to be primarily concerned with directions and preventing people from getting lost in the woods and falling prey to Mother Goose's curses.

History Edit

We don't know much about Marianne. Even her actual location is unknown, as she only communicates with those in the dark forest through notes, letters and visions. She provides help and guidance to the victims of Mother Goose's Cursery Rhymes - though whether they follow her guidance or not is entirely up to them.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Communication Through Her Lambs: Marianne's lambs wear magical collars that allow her to communicate with other people through them, almost like a hologram appearing before them. She can even transfer items through this unique magic.
  • Magical Map: Marianne gives the Unnamed Protagonist a magical map that keeps track of where they go and allows them to travel to anywhere on the map instantaneously.
  • Omniscience: Marianne hints that she will know when the Unnamed Protagonist needs her help, and that she will provide it. True to her words, she provides further help just when it is needed.
  • Control Over Trees: The trees in the dark forest seem to come alive, moving to reveal a lamb-themed cache with a note from Marianne.

Quotes Edit

  • "Thank you for saving my little lamb."
  • "There once was a young noble who fell in love with a common village girl. Unfortunately, the girl died before they could get married. Deep grief overwhelmed the noble, and he fell into madness. In his insanity, he became convinced that his fiancee would be reincarnated one day. He started to kidnap maidens of a similar age to his dead fiancee's. None of the maidens were ever seen again."
  • "If you wish to save your sister, you must defeat the Crooked Man once and for all."
  • "If you have need of me, I will try to send help."
  • "I wish only to help."

Relationships Edit

Gallery Edit

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