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Each Dark Parables game comes with a full soundtrack of music to accompany the gameplay. These songs are available for the player to save through the Bonus Content menu of the Collector's Edition of each game. "Music Museum" is the title given to these collections of songs in most of the games.

Curse of Briar Rose Edit

  1. Curse of Briar Rose
  2. The Spider Dungeon
  3. White Rose
  4. Forgotten Tales
  5. Derelict Castle
  6. The Godmothers
  7. Through the Briars

The Exiled Prince Edit

  1. The Exiled Prince
  2. Shrouded in Darkness
  3. Immortal Desire
  4. Shrines for the Beloved
  5. The Spider Dungeon
  6. White Rose
  7. Forgotten Tales

Rise of the Snow Queen Edit

  1. The Frozen Journey
  2. Snowfall Kingdom
  3. Sorrow
  4. The Fallen Son
  5. The Enchanted Mirrors
  6. Rise of the Snow Queen

The Red Riding Hood Sisters Edit

  1. The Red Riding Hood Sisters
  2. Mist Kingdom
  3. Outpost of Vosges Valley
  4. Return of Briar Rose
  5. Tattered Cape
  6. The Fabled Land

The Final Cinderella Edit

  1. The Final Cinderella
  2. Glass Slipper Waltz
  3. In the Ruins
  4. Evils Lurk Within
  5. Distant Memories
  6. Dance with the Puppets

Jack and the Sky Kingdom Edit

  1. Jack and the Sky Kingdom
  2. Jack's Ambition
  3. An Ancient Fairy Tale
  4. The Tears of Emma
  5. The Bolide Shard

Ballad of Rapunzel Edit

  1. Belladonna
  2. Fire Lion
  3. Goddess Flora
  4. Final Combat
  5. Rapunzel

The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide Edit

  1. Into the Deep Blue
  2. Turn of the Tides
  3. Tales of Adventure
  4. Salt and Sand
  5. Voice of Alexandros
  6. Calm Before the Storm (Purple Tide version)
  7. Daphne's Song
  8. Theresa's Song
  9. Althea's Song
  10. Naida's Song
  11. Calliope's Song
  12. A Man of His Beard
  13. Sinister Magic
  14. Into the Breach / The Restless Spirit

Queen of Sands Edit

  1. The Nightmare Awakens
  2. Flowing Dream Sand
  3. Light of the Moon Goddess
  4. Mab's Vengeance
  5. Rapunzel's Serenade
  6. Rage of the Beast
  7. Mab's Demise
  8. Hubert's Remorse

Goldilocks and the Fallen Star Edit

  1. Hymn of the Sun
  2. Symhir Elegy
  3. A Touch of Gold
  4. March of the Bears
  5. Living Metal
  6. Hymn of the Moon
  7. Valla's Fall
  8. Through the Barrier
  9. Of Wind and Ice

The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree Edit

  1. The Fall
  2. A Distant Memory
  3. Second Chance
  4. Tailoring the Soil
  5. The First Tree
  6. Calm Before the Storm (Swan Princess version)
  7. Labors of Odile
  8. Flora's Curse
  9. A Swan to End All

The Thief and the Tinderbox Edit

  1. Calm Before the Storm (Tinderbox version)
  2. Chasing the Wish
  3. Curse of the Tinderbox
  4. The False Man
  5. Mountain of Sorrow
  6. The Royal Wedding
  7. After the Snow

Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow Edit

  1. Mirage of Harmony
  2. Treading Lightly
  3. Hymn of the Fallen Shadow
  4. The Grasp of Destiny
  5. Conqueror of Darkness
  6. Shield of Virtue
  7. Eternity's Embrace
  8. The Bells of Enigma
  9. Fate Favors Victors
  10. Beyond the Darkness

Return of the Salt Princess Edit

  1. Dragon Man
  2. Soul on Fire
  3. Icy Heart
  4. The Exiled Princess
  5. Final Combat

The Match Girl's Lost Paradise Edit

  1. Encounter
  2. Fire in the Night
  3. Moment of Relief
  4. Mysterious Flame
  5. Return of the Witch
  6. The Unknown

Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper Edit

  1. The Dark Piper
  2. Town Mystery
  3. The Clocktower
  4. Duke's Manifesto
  5. Gypsy Tune
  6. Ancient City

Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat Edit

  1. Cheryl (Main Theme)
  2. Nostalgia Waltz
  3. The Crooked Man
  4. The Crooked Cat
  5. Final Combat