Nature Manipulation is the power to control and manipulate all manner of vegetation.

Specifics Edit

A common yet powerful gift, usually possessed by a Guardian of Floralia who received it from the Goddess Flora, who was the very first being to possess this gift. It can control certain plants, but only Flora has shown unlimited power over all plants.

This ability is relatively easy to control but it can go wild if the Guardian is unable to control it, like Briar Rose, whose thorny vines grew big and wild enough to cover Scotland while she was under the sleeping curse.

Effects Edit

  • Chlorokinesis: This gift can control how the leafy vines and stems of these plants grow, and even the Guardian statues of Floralia can cause their chosen plant to grow and bloom.
  • Plant Enhancement: Magic can enhance plants, make them grow much quicker or almost instantly if they are needed. The first tree is so huge that it houses a kingdom in its trunk and has lived for centuries.
  • Nature Golems: By assembling vines and various flora, one can assemble and animate monstrous beings to serve them.
  • Vines: Many characters with this power use vines as weapons. Vines are used to render enemies immobile, as seen in Rapunzel's case, but Briar Rose's thorny briars can be used to attack, harm and even kill enemies. Magic enhances the strength of these vines, allowing them to ensnare large creatures like the powerful Nightmare Golem.

Notable Bearers Edit